What I enjoyed about: “The Vow”

It’s been some time now, and I am thinking of the consequences of one loosing his/her memory. I was thinking if someone lost all his memory, would he be able to remember how to take a bath, or eat with a fork,… I was thinking of one’s life would continue, would he become same as a 1 year child? Would you retreach him/her how to eat, dress, walk and talk…

And then there came the movie “The Vow”!

As soon as I read the movie’s description, I knew that this was the movie I wanted to watch, I mean this is the topic that has been running through my head for quite some time, and I definitely needed (easy) answers.

I went and watched the movie.

To be honest, I was a bit bothered; I did not like the fact that she forgot the best 4 or 5 years of her life (I forgot how many years exactly). I mean she left her family, moved to the city, abandoned Law School, went to Art School, felt in love, got married…

Then all of a sudden she forgot all this and went back to her life 4 or 5 years ago!

I mean she started dressing differently, she died her hair, she even missed her ex!

Anyway, I am not writing a critic, I writing to highlight a very important aspect of every person’s life.
As soon as Paige decided to start her life all over again, she went to Law School. After some time there, she knew that this was not what she wanted, she quit, left her parent’s house, moved to the city, and re-entered Art School.

Which means…

She took the same life decisions as she once took before. I enjoyed that fact especially that I am a strong believer that we humans come here on this Earth to fulfill a certain purpose, and no matter how many times we try, we will eventually be captivated to doing the same decisions…

The Vow – Official Trailer

Other than the fact that the movie bothered me (I really wanted her to just remember…and go back to her happy life), I felt that it was a very deep movie; a movie that makes one wonder, and actually wonder a lot…

What if…

2 thoughts on “What I enjoyed about: “The Vow”

  1. Yea, the movie itself got me thinking a lot, which was intriguing, but I hated everything else about the movie. Nice to know she still turned out the way she was meant to…

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