Life is like driving on the road…

Life as I see it is like driving on a highway…

Some drivers are aggressive on the road, while others are vulnerable.

Sometimes another car might bump into you and wreck your car out of nowhere.

Sometimes when another driver does an accident, you get stuck in traffic.

Sometimes drivers are very edgy, it becomes very scary on the road.

Sometimes if you see an attractive car, you cannot but slow down and contemplate.

Some drivers drive as if they own the road.

Photo by Carlo Rainone on Flickr. Reused under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

You see my friends; the same applies to people around us.

Some people are living the fast life, while others are taking it very slow.

Some people are aggressive in life, while others are more vulnerable.

Sometimes someone might mess up something that will cost you a lot (for example at work).

Sometimes someone else’s mess slows you down.

Sometimes people get angry, it becomes very hard to even be in the same room with them.

Sometimes if you see a beautiful woman/man, you cannot but stop and contemplate

Some people enter a restaurant and feel that they own it.

You see my friends; the way we drive reflects our attitude in life! And the way we are is usually reflected in every single action we do!

Imagine if we were all peaceful and loving… Wouldn’t life be much easier?! And Beautiful!

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