Stop trying to be someone you’re not!

As one of my favorite songs “Sunscreen” mentions a sentence that I really love: “Beauty Magazines makes you feel ugly”!

It is a real challenge for you to be yourself when you live in a world where beauty magazines are fighting to make you look like everyone else, dress like everyone else, party as everyone else, and even smell like everyone else! Even your physical appearance is now up to certain mechanical standards!

The quote “I am unique like everyone else” has become literal! It used to mean that every person is unique, now it says that everyone is the same,,, and unique!

Okay, so it’s not the fault of beauty magazines alone!

It’s your fault too!

"Copy Paste" an image by inggmartinez. Retrieved from Flickr licensed under Creative Commons.

If you were sure of whom you are, if you knew what your style is, if you knew how your head functions, if you were sure of your beliefs… then you wouldn’t allow beauty magazines, or anything else to influence you!

What happens her is that you and a lot of people like you are not sure of whom they are, thus they end up copying everyone else! And do you know what do we call these people?!


Yes, you are a copycat! Because you are copying people around you!

I am sure that if you are not satisfied by who you are, how you look, how you think; you will always find someone better, someone prettier, and someone smarter!

So my advice to you people is to really know who you are, and who you want to be, and just be proud of it! People WILL be attracted to your personality, not to your hair color, or car type, or shoe brand!

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