How to write your Twitter Bio? Dos and Don’ts!


  • Your Bio is your 10 second pitch to who you are on Twitter, or if I may say, what you are trying to achieve with Twitter.
  • Your bio must contain your interests which will encourage people to follow you or not
  • Use the 160 character allocated to you to reflect your areas of expertise
  • Add something a little personal, people do not want to talk to machines, but be careful not to write something no one should know!
  • Never and ever include politics, religion, sexuality or any other sensitive topic
  • Have fun, but be informative, people are following you for a reason
  • Add keywords and Hashtags to your bio; that’s how people can find you when searching for specific topics
  • Provide a URL to your website (if available) this will explain more about you and what you do
  • As in a pitch, draw people to you, give them your message and ask them to do something!
  • And remember it wouldn’t hurt to rewrite your bio from time to time!

My Twitter Bio on March 2012


  • Don’t waste your 160 character spacing on a bio that has nothing to do with you
  • Don’t you ever leave your bio empty! How can people follow you if they don’t know what you are up to!
  • Don’t ask people to follow you and sure don’t even dare them!
  • And most of all, don’t you ever copy someone else’s bio right after you follow them (that happened to me!!!)

Business Grow wrote an article called “20 of the all-time best Twitter bios” I chose two bios I liked and decided to share them:

@maxxhendriks: I was born. When I was 11 I got my first computer. Then I started writing funny tweets. That’s still what I am doing. The end.

@DianaSilvaSays: I love my husband, my dogs, all things marketing, three-day weekends, high-heels, reading, running, knitting, sushi, wine, long walks on the beach…wait, what?

What about you?!

What do you have as a Twitter Bio?

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