How different my life would have been if Ivy was born?

People are born everyday

People are dying every day

How does that affect you?

What if you have never met them, would that still affect you?

When I looked back into my life, searching for a moment of change I realized that every single moment could be a moment of change.

One year back when I got my promotion?


Four years back when I survived a car accident?


Twelve years back when Michael was born?

But this didn’t quench my thirst
The deeper I went in my reflections, the deeper I discovered…

That brought me back to my first moment of existence…

The moment I was born without Ivy!

Reflecting back, I realized that all my life I was given the double of everything.

You may say that I am lucky, but double of everything is not fun is not shared.
Luckily, double happiness, double love, double care, double protection, double affection had always been present in my life, yet at the same time, double responsibilities emerged
Everything had a double impact.

What should have been shared was devoured by me alone.

I acknowledged everything life offered me with arms wide open and appreciated the gift of life every second.

Ivy and I shared our mother’s womb for three months until Ivy decided to take another path…

Every moment of life is a moment of change, appreciate it and live it since it will not come back.

With one thought in mind, I close my eyes every night…

“How different my life would have been if Ivy was born”.


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