How to dress for a job interview! Dos and Don’ts!

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression!” So make sure that it is a good one!
Preparing for an interview can be very stressful sometimes, why also worry about what to wear! The first interview I ever did was when I was 16, I did not comply to the below rules for I was applying for a kids animator!

Further afterwards, job after the other, I started mastering the art of how to dress for an interview, below are the Dos and Don’ts that I suggest! Hey, remember, I am not a professor in this subject, but I just happen to have an opinion about it!


"Johnny in My Suit" a cropped image by "David Wiley" retrieved from Flickr and licensed under Creative Commons

  1. Wear formal clothes: I personally always suggest that you wear a suit (for men and women) but sometimes according to the job position, you can wear something less formal. It’s your call choose wisely.
  2. Wear dark colors: this is not a place to stun people with your fashion appeal (unless you are applying to work for a Fashion Designer), I suggest that you wear dark colors, just to make sure that your interviewer (s) eyes don’t get blurry!
  3. Make sure that your hair is neat and clean, I suggest that you tie it in a professional way
  4. Always turn your phone off; you do not want it to interrupt your line of thought!
  5. Have a neat file with you that contains your CV, the job offer, and a list of question that you might have for the interviewer (s). For an idea of some question that you can ask, check out my blog post “Questions a candidate can ask in an interview


  1. Don’t wear a lot of perfume for several reasons: maybe someone might be sensitive to smell, maybe your type of perfume might remind someone of an EX, maybe their taste in perfume is different, etc. just keep it simple
  2. For girls: Don’t wear dark nail polish: If you are used to wearing dark nail polish you know how it distracts people sometimes as you are gesturing when you speak! We do not want that to happen to your interviewer(s)! They need to be concentrating on your talking!
  3. For girls: Don’t wear too much make up: same as the nail polish issue, you want to stay simple!
  4. For boys: make sure to shave before the interview: shaving will go great with a nice suit and neat hair, plus I am sure that it will look more professional
  5. Don’t you ever and ever chew gum! I won’t add a “why” to that! Your understanding is enough!
  6. If you have a lot of visible piercings, I suggest that you remove some of them, and then ask the interviewer(s) what the company’s policy is towards piercings. Same applies for tattoos.

As a final note, I just want to say that it is not advised that you dress like this for the first interview then on the first day of work to come a totally different person (with pink hair and piercings)! Make sure that whatever you wear somehow matches with your personality, for this is who you are, and I am sure that you are proud of it!

PS: if you are worried about speaking in an interview, I have some advice! Check out “Fear of public speaking? I have an idea...”

So, are you ready now? 

Do you have any other concerns?


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