A taste of my Green

As Wikipedia defines Art: “Art is a term that describes a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities, but is most often understood to refer to painting, film, photography, sculpture, and other visual media.”

For me, art is the act of creating something with my own hands, whether it is handcrafts, sewing, painting, or even cooking! I was always fascinated by the art of drawing, yet I never tried it!

Two years ago, I decided to discover a talent, I went to a bookshop that sells drawing material, and I started walking around. I saw a nice cube that had colors inside it, I took the basic three colors, red, blue and yellow. I remember being taught at school that these colors are the basis of all others. As I was walking around a sales lady decided to help me. She asked me what type of brushes do I want, and started giving me suggestions… It was like speaking Chinese to me!

Then I broke it to her… “I am discovering a talent here!”

Ohhhhh…. was her first reaction, things were clearer now, I had glass paint with me, so she started running around, she got me acrylic paints, two brushes, then I got a some canvases.

Oh, I forgot, and I bought a tripod stand for drawing! If you saw me getting out of that store, you sure thought that I was a painter and did it for a living!!!

Anyway, so as I was discovering this new talent of mine, I found a new therapeutic way that helps me vent out. Drawing, or if I may call it scribbling, helps me get out of this world and escape to a new world, a world full of possibilities!

After a while, I was convinced that I am no artist, but I have a thing for colors…

Enjoy a taste of my green!

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