How to organize a birthday partiette in 5 hours?

It was Fady’s birthday last Thursday, and by mistake he agreed with me to host a birthday partiette (I am saying partiette since it is a tiny party) for him on Saturday night. It was 3:00pm when he agreed with me. I had 5 hours to plan and execute everything! Fortunately the partiette turned out to be a success, so here I am sharing with you some tips for making it in 5 hours!

How to organize a birthday partiette in 5 hours?

The Salad Bar

  1. Get Approval: getting approval needs to be on various levels. The venue level, the birthday boy/girl, or any other type of approval.
  2. Get a notebook and a pen: this will be your best friend from now till the end of the party! Make sure to get something handy.
  3. Cauliflower with Cocktail Sauce

  4. Create a guest list: write down (on your notebook :D) the names of the people you want to invite, make sure that you have their phone numbers.
  5. Invite the guests: if you are the host of the partiette or even, I recommend that you personally call the guests, but this depends on the number of guests, sometimes you might need some assistance, but make sure that the person that helps you is close enough to you, you do not want to upset your guests! As you are contacting your guests, they might ask you about what to get with them; you can be honest in here and tell them what you really need. In my case, I asked one of the guests to buy something sweet!
  6. Tortillas before entering the oven

  7. Decide on the menu: on your notebook, write down the drinks that you would like to serve on a page, the different types of crackers on another, the small bites on a third, and the dessert on the forth. I suggest that you consult some cooking books or the internet for some nice ideas
  8. Get some help: you cannot organize a birthday partiette in 5 hours without some help! Get a partner, someone that you trust, and someone you know is quick and sure knows what he/she is doing. I always ask for my mother Pauline’s assistance who I know is always there for me.
  9. Endive with Blue Cheese

  10. Add more menu items: when you get someone to assist you, they sure will have a different perspective and will add some ideas to your original plan, add these up to your menu lists.
  11. Tomatoes and Basil

  12. Write down your supermarket list: after deciding on the menu, and renegotiating, you will know what items you need to buy from the supermarket. Write the list down on a different page, make sure to divide the items to types, this will help you quickly get the items.
  13. Fetta Cheese with Fresh Thyme and Olive Oil

  14. Go to the supermarket: this need to be very quick, remember time is ticking, and you do not have a lot of time.
  15. Divide the work: As you are driving back from the supermarket, divide the work between you and your partner. This will make it easier to do the actual work in no time.
  16. Labneh with Cucumber and Chilli Olives

  17. Start preparing: start preparing the small bites that you had agreed on earlier, quickly and efficiently. You might keep some till the guests arrive if they require staying warm.
  18. Fetta Cheese with Sundried Tomatoes

  19. Decorate: decide where you want to sit, and decorate the set. This way, you can directly put some food items on the table.
  20. Chiclen Pate with Pickles

  21. Dress something nice: you do not want to welcome your guests in a crappy look. Take a quick shower, dress something nice, if you have the luxury of a hair-do, do so quickly. But make sure that you look fresh and nice. Meanwhile as you are dressing your partner can be finishing up some final touches.
  22. Some chips and crackers

  23. Welcome your guests and enjoy the evening!

Happy Birthday Fady!

If you are interested in a cheese and wine parties, check out: “How to organize a Cheese and Wine party?”

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