How I planned my trip to Egypt in 12 days!

On Saturday 5 May, I received an email from Social Media Exchange (SMeX) asking me to represent them in a workshop hosted by NaseejCYD in Egypt titled “Social Media and Alternative Learning techniques.” The workshop was on May 16 and I had only 12 days to prepare myself for the event, here’s how I organized myself!

Day 1 – Saturday 5 May:

×          Got an invitation from SMeX to represent them in the “ Social Media and Alternative Learning Tools” workshop held by Nassej CYD in Egypt on May 16 (which is in 11 days).

Day 2 – Sunday 5 May:

×          Got cameras and Facebook guides from SMeX

Day 5 -Wednesday 9 May:

×          Receive invitation for the workshop from Nassej CYD

×          Search online for the Egyptian Visa application form and other requirements

×          Called the Egyptian Embassy to confirm documentation needed

×          Filled application form for Visa

×          Went  to the Egyptian Embassy and applied for the visa

Day 6 -Thursday 10 May:

×          Received a tentative plane ticket schedule the Nassej CYD team members

×          Confirmed the plane ticket

Day 7 – Friday 11 May:

×          Did a research about Egypt

×          Wrote a blog post about Egypt (check it out “Egypt: Brief Country Profile)

×          Went to the Egyptian Embassy to get my visa

Day 9 – Sunday 13 May:

×          Decided on what to pack, wrote them down, and made sure that I have them all ready by time

×          Recharged the camera battery, flip cam battery and other equipment

Day 10 – Monday 14 May:

×          Get more Facebook guides from SMeX after getting several requests

Day 11 – Tuesday 15 May:

×          Received the preliminary agenda of the workshop

×          Packed my bag

Day 12 – Wednesday 16 May:

×          Took my bag, backpack, and passport and flew!

Bon Voyage to me!

PS: Planning is key to success!

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