Sharm El-Sheikh in Pictures

I went to Sharm El-Sheikh for three days and decided to convey what I saw in pictures. It’s been a while and I am using more pictures to express various thought and feelings, so this should be super cool!

The Airplane Food

For me, the best thing about traveling in an airplane is the food. It is very well organized, very diversified, and I wait for it in patience! Even though I have to admit that it’s not very healthy, yet if you are not a frequent traveler, you will survive!


I like it when we use the external stairs to reach the plane, it reminds me of old black and white movies!but colored this time!

The Hotel Entrance

I stayed at the Continental Garden Reef Hotel, and that’s one of the first pictures I took of the hotel entrance.

The Swimming Pool

It’s too bad that I did not have a lot of time to swim in this pool is amazing!

My Room’s Balcony

That’s my room balcony, I wish it wasn’t that hot so I could have used it (for more than taking this picture)

Palm Frame

Also from my room balcony! One of the photography techniques that I learnt is “frame your picture” and here I applied it!

My Favorite Flower

Isn’t my favorite flower so perfect! I just love it!

My Room’s View

What a nice view! I wish I can keep it!

The Sea Bay

The hotel’s sea bay, the water is so cool, yet warm. I enjoyed swimming in the Red Sea.

Arab Spices

Whenever I travel, I go visit the local souks for they give me a true feeling of the country. Arab spices smell great and are indispensable additives to Arab cuisine!

Singing Frogs

Nice wooden frogs that make frog sounds when you play with them! We have a black one at home!

Lighting Stars

In the same souk, you can find nice lighting…I wish I could make my room like this!

Small Mirror Boxes

Aren’t these small boxes super cute!

Me getting photographed by Amjad

While Amjad was taking a photo of my new Henna, we both were photographed!

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7 thoughts on “Sharm El-Sheikh in Pictures

  1. Wow, that was certainly a great three day trip in Sharm El Sheikh and what better way to keep the memories lingering on than with those lovely pictures. I love the pictures, they are great. Well, thanks for the lovely post, it was certainly a pleasure.

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