A play called “Play”

On Friday 25 May, I went to Starbucks with my brother Michael and his new girlfriend Marie-Noel. Afterwards, we went to “Saint Coeur College” to attend a play called “Play” (Masrahiyeh in Arabic).

The title was funny to me, but I didn’t know what to expect. The play was scheduled to start at 6pm, and guess what; it started exactly at 6pm.

So the host came to the theater stage, he welcomed the attendees and told us that this play will confuse us where we will not know who the actors are nor who the audience are. This was a catchy statement for me, yet I didn’t know what to expect, but I was eager to see what these students have planned.

Tarararaaaa and the curtains open…

Everybody in the audience started clapping; we were all excited to see what the students have prepared. The audience was mostly made up of family members and friends, so we were all supportive.

Almost 2 minutes and nothing happened!

Huh,,,then the curtains close, so we started clapping, I am not sure if other people knew what was happening, I had no clue!

Then a girl from the audience starting shouting at the play saying something like: “Is this a play?! Did we pay to watch such a thing!” I admired her courage, but felt that she was too quick in judging.

Then another boy from another place stood up and confronted her. So then I got it, these were the actors…

One after the other they did a scandal in the theater, some with some against, then they rebelled and each decided to show that he/she is a better actor. In less than 30 seconds a big number of students were on stage where they performed short scenes that were straight to the point and each about a different topic. Each scene ended by another group of actors coming to prove themselves and kick the other actors out of the stage.

Here are the small scenes that were acted:

    1. Lebanon we like it no matter what: three actors talking about some Lebanese habits and how they are annoying. They closed by saying that they love Lebanon no matter what.
    2. Fadi asking the hand of his neighbor’s daughter: Fadi came to ask his neighbor’s daughter for marriage, a girl comes, not his style, he changed his mind, decided to make a fool of himself and say that he just came out of prison for killing his father since he was drink…. Then the real daughter who was smashing hot came, meanwhile the mother was kicking him out of the house.
    3. Cinema  and Popcorn: Two friends went to the movies with one girl’s little brother, they were packed with popcorn and food and we acting very “Lebanese” talking out loud and not letting anyone listen thus bothering a nearby person who happened to be their father’s lawyer.
  1. The TV Show: A TV representative hosts in her show an animal rights activist, a designer wearing fur, and Miss Lebanon…Chaos reigns and it ended up with a chair fight (something we usually see on TV in Lebanon.
  2. The neighbors and the foreigners:A Lebanese mother and her daughter decide to visit their new neighbors who just came from abroad. The visit was a confusion where the Lebanese didn’t master the language nor were familiar with some of the regular habits of people living abroad. The scene ended up when a boy came to take the foreigner’s daughter and she welcomed him with a hug! (To the Lebanese’s surprise girls do hug their friends.
  3. “Byekhla2 men el shabah 40” (in English something like 40 lookalikes can be born at the same time): 4 girlfriends decided to finally meet after a long time. Each started to brag about her boyfriend to end up noticing that they are talking about the same man. The scene ended when this man came and all the girls went nuts except one who he had asked her hand for marriage (yet to make him wait she didn’t reply to him) and she instantly agreed to marry him.

When all the scenes ended, the actors invited all the audience to come to stage explaining that in life we are all actors, sometimes we are acting, while sometimes we are watching. This reminded me of an improvisational play that I once watched for the Group Laban which also reminded me that in life we improvise daily.

There were and still are no words to express how much moral this story taught me. I have always been fascinated by this philosophy yet seeing school students talk about it just gives me Goosebumps. 

I enjoyed the play “Play” so much that I created a movie about it. Check it out and tell me what do you think!

Life really is a stage; I hope you all perform well!

PS: Thanks for all the students who touched everyone’s heart!

PS 2: did I forget something?

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