How to organize a bachelorette party?

Bachelor parties are a must have before weddings; they come in two types, a bachelor party for the groom and a bachelorette party for the bride.

More often these parties are prepared as a surprise for the bride and groom, and few times the bride and groom are involved in the preparation.

My best friend Rita is getting married on June 16, so her sisters-in-law and I prepared a bachelorette party for her. The party was a blast and we had a lot of fun, this is why I decided to share some of the tips and tricks for making such an occasion a special one!

Here’s how you can organize a bachelorette party:

1.     Decide on the date: One of the most important things in bachelorettes is finding a suitable date that is not very close to the wedding date, yet not too far. One week before the wedding is an ideal timing. We chose to hold the bachelorette 10 days before the wedding.

2.     Create the guest list: In case this is a surprise bachelorette as in our case, ask yourself these questions:

Who do you want to invite to the bachelorette?

Who does the bride want to have around her on that special day?

This is one of the hardest things in preparing for a bachelorette! You do not want to invite someone that the bride can’t be herself around… Make sure that the guests are also invited to the wedding, or at least know about it! Then Luck is your only hope! (You can ask the bride 6 months ahead of time and keep a running list!) In case it’s not a surprise, then this is super easy!

3.     Send save the date to guests: As soon as you know the date and guests, directly send save the dates to everyone so you can be sure that they are free on that specific day. Then as soon as you know all the details, you can fill in the big picture and inform the guests.

***You can create a closed event on Facebook and interact with the invitees there!

4.     Find the venue and reserve:

What is the most appropriate place for such an event?

Do you want to make it home?

In a club?

On the beach?

Do you want a crowd or do you want it private?

Deciding on the venue is not something easy at all, yet it’s very delicate, so treat it with care!

Rita’s Bachelorette

5.     Find a theme: A bachelorette party needs to have a theme, it can be a color theme, it can be a topic theme, it can be kinky and it can be sweet! So find the most suitable and it will help you in your decoration later on.

6.     Decide on a dress code: Now that you have a theme, you can ask the guests to wear something coordinated. For example if the bride is wearing black and white, her friends can wear black…Let your imagination roll.

7.     Buy accessories: What’s a bachelorette without some accessories?! Nothing! Buy accessories that are within the party’s theme, and they will sure do their part of fun!

8.     Buy cake: depending on the party’s theme, buy a suitable cake. After dancing and singing, some sweets will do just great!

9.     Buy the bride’s dress: this step is optional and can be used for a surprise bachelorette more often, or for a surprise gift. Find a nice dress that suits the theme and the bride’s taste as well.

10.  Coordinate with the men: most of the times bachelor and bachelorette parties happen at the same time, this is why you need to coordinate with the men and synchronize the two parties. Sometime around 12pm, the groom and his friends can make a cute entrance, something flashy maybe…

11.  Have a plan in mind: Write a detailed plan of what you want to happen first, second, third… including timing and resources. Write these on a paper, and make sure to abide by your plan.

12.  Spice it up: As you are planning your event in details, think of some fun activities that can spice up the atmosphere, in our case, we bought red roses and asked the bride to sell them, she sold all of them and make around a 100 bucks!

13.  Make an entrance: A limo ride is a nice entrance! There are other options! In our case, we reserved a limo to take us to the venue, and made an extravagant entrance!

14.  Have fun: Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are nothing without some fun! So have fun and remember: “life is short!”

Mabrouk Rita and Joseph! You deserve the best!

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