Shrimps on a Sunny Sunday

Nothing better than sea food on a sunny Sunday! On Sunday, we invited our friends and relatives over for a special lunch. The menu was mainly sea food: we had shrimps, two types of fish, two types of salads, and different types of appetizers.

I am not a fish lover, yet I adore sea food (weird! yes?!).  So I enjoyed the shrimps and appetizers the most!

Here’s how you can cook your own shrimps at home:


Fresh Shrimps
Laurel Paper
Lemon Slices

Method of Preparation:

–          Boil water in a cooker

–          Add salt, lemon slices , and some laurel paper (these will help remove the smell of shrimps)

–          When the water starts boiling add the fresh shrimps

–          When the shrimps start turning orangey, then they are almost finished

–          When you are waiting for the shrimps to be boiled, you can do the sauce

–          In a small container mix mayonnaise and ketchup together. They will create an orangey color as well, then add a bit of tabasco and a bit of mustard depending on your preference. Taste the sauce as you are mixing it to get your ultimate cocktail sauce.

–          When you finish with the cocktail sauce, cut the lettuce into small pieces that you will use to decorate your shrimp plate.

–          Then use your sense of decoration to decorate your shrimps!

–        Enjoy!


Now tell me how do you cook your shrimps?

7 thoughts on “Shrimps on a Sunny Sunday

  1. do you remeber when I told you I would like to invite my family over a fancy, creative and yummy dinner, well I can’t imagine anything better than what you did, and I might even copy it.
    You are so creative Chantal!
    You are inspiring
    In fact even the colors of the webpage are so summer like and fresh
    Reading your blog is insightful!

    Keep it up!

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