25 things I learnt in 25 years…

If you stop learning, you stop growing” is a quote that I love and truly appreciate. This is why I always reflect on my life experiences and draw lessons learnt from them.

For the past 25 years I have been learning a lot, so I decided to transmit my knowledge to you and give you some advice!

Here are my 25 advises to you: 

    1. Being confident wins your way through a successful life
    2. Smiling even when you are sad and angry gives you a better attitude
    3. Love at first sight does exist and you know it when you smile wide and your eyes glitter
    4. Knowing your passion and living up to it is your greatest motivation
    5. Trusting people is out of the question, yet when you have to do it, don’t trust fully. People turn their backs on you easily!
    6. You are where/who you are today due to the right and wrong decisions you made earlier in your life
    7. Making mistakes is an integral part of every person’s life, so regret doesn’t help
    8. Listening to some songs can make you the happiest person alive, so surround yourself with music
    9. You attract the things around you in your life, I am serious!
    10. The riskiest thing in life is never taking risk. So take risk!
    11. Hard work doesn’t always pay off, yet do it anyway; it seems to be working sometimes!
    12. Life is really short… especially when you are having fun
    13. Planning is key to organizing a very busy life
    14. Life is like a jungle, the strong eats the weak
    15. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to act serious
    16. No matter what you are waiting for…THIS IS IT!
    17. Telling less is better, but when needed, you can talk your way out of things
    18. What wakes you up every morning is hope of making this new day better than yesterday
    19. Engaging with deep conversations with older people, it makes you happy and enriches your soul
    20. High expectations is a killer and ruins everything, so expect less
    21. Things don’t always have to be perfect, what’s wrong with Okay!?
    22. No one is your friend at work, when it gets serious, people need to cover their backs
    23. Every night before you go to sleep, reflect on your day and remember what you learnt.
    24. Every morning after you wake up, thank God that you woke up, some people are not making it through the night

I close by saying:

  1. Giving advice is sometimes dangerous, what applies to you does not always apply to others! So be careful when taking my advice! It is a sword with two edges!

Now let me know some advice that you have for me!

4 thoughts on “25 things I learnt in 25 years…

  1. I remembered a nice advice also:

    Always help others, it makes you feel good about yourself

    Surround yourself with positive people

  2. this is a really nice list ^_^

    some comments
    “6- You are where/who you are today due to the right and wrong decisions you made earlier in your life”
    sounded oddly like a quote i came up with
    “we are but a mer reflection of experiences we had and our life is a mer reflection of the choices we have made”

    “11- Hard work doesn’t always pay off, yet do it anyway; it seems to be working sometimes!”
    for some reason your quote made me remember gandhi
    “whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it, ’cause nobody else will.”

    btw i will be turning 25 myself soon so am stealing your idea and posting my 25 things i have learned in 25 year on my blog…

    kudos for the list ^_^

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