How to do a rainbow cake

It was my friend Rindala’s birthday and I decided to do a cake myself!

I wanted something quick and special, so I decided to try the “Rainbow Cake”!

It turned out to be a delicious cake, very sweet, but delicious…

Here’s what I did:

– Betty Crooker cake ( don’t get the vanilla one, its already very sweet)
– Different flavor of jello
– Coloring ( though not healthy, but I needed a green color and couldn’t think otherwise)
– Three eggs
– Water
– Oil


1. Follow the instructions on the Betty Crooker pack, that’s where you will use water, oil and eggs

2. Get different containers to color separately. Place a bit of a specific jello powder flavor in each container. Stir very well. You should have different colors depending on how many flavors and containers you used. Mixing flavors and colors is one option.


3. Spray butter on your pan, then put the colors one after the other.

4. Place your pan in the oven

5. Wait for the cake to be backed


6. When the cake is ready, decorate it. I used sugar powder ( that’s why it was very sweet! Everything sugary!)

7. Serve and enjoy! You can serve it with ice cream… Sauce…


Happy Birthday Rindala!

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