My 20 minutes preparation lunch!

It’s Sunday, I am home alone, I have a lot of work to do with little time to waste.

It’s around 1:00pm, and my stomach’s giant woke up! I need food, and I need it fast! If I want to order delivery, it will take between 40 and 50 minutes to be delivered…

So I decided to do one of my quick 20 minute lunches, the chicken escalope.

– chicken escalope
– canned corn
– potato
– mayonnaise
– ketchup


1. You start by putting a bit of oil (around two tablespoons) in a pan, and more oil in a pot ( you need the potatoes to sink in this oil), then you definitely put then on the stove to heat

2. As you wait for the oils to heat, you wash and shop the potatoes

3. As soon as the pan’s oil is hot, you put the chicken escalope inside it

4. As soon as the oil in the pot heats up, you put the potatoes in it

5. As you are waiting for the chicken escalope and the potatoes to fry, you open the can of corn, wash it, and mix it with the mayonnaise, you can put a bit of salt if you want

6. Monitor the chicken escalope and the fries, you might need to flip the chicken on both sides to make sure that they are fully fried

7. When your food is fried, place them in nice plates and enjoy! I know I did!

Bon appetite!


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