What motivates you?

It’s Tuesday, usually on Tuesdays I have the chance to sleep more since I go to work a bit late. It’s 6:30 and I am laying in bed thinking…

What is motivation? Or what motivates me?

Yesterday night I was attending my first session “Effective Personal Productivity” that was given by LMI and the trainer Jad asked us: ” What is motivation?” my answer yesterday was the same as my answer two years back at university when the management professor asked us the same question: “It’s that thing that wakes me up everyday at 6am hoping to make the day a better day”</strong>

If this “thing” didn’t exist, I would have called in sick, or went to work at 8 instead of 7… I would have done different than waking up at 6 and being at work one hour early!

But how to translate that and define motivation?

As I lay in bed, I thought of what I had to do today, thinking that if I wake up early I’ll get a better chance to finish them perfectly…

There it was, motivation is HOPE for me!

What motivates me is HOPE that today will be a better day!
Are you motivated? Do you have hope for today?


One thought on “What motivates you?

  1. i think motivation flows from your goal and purpose in life…

    i guess that is why people without a goal or a purpose lie depressed because there is nothing that motivates them since nearly everything is void.

    People that are in love seem to find purpose in their love and partner and a sense of being etc…

    other than being catchy “It’s that thing that wakes me up everyday at 6am hoping to make the day a better day” , i find nothing true in that sentence…

    at least that is my perspective…

    furthermore, (lol training for the ielts is really taking it toll on me, never forget to use linkers hahah) the trick in choosing a goal or purpose in life is to choose a non reachable one. It should be somehow general and not tangeble giving you a true flexiblity and ease in seeking it .
    Example 1 (bad :P), helping my neighboor , so you help your neighboor and u have reached your goal and then u will stand on that mountain and wonder now what? etc…

    Example 2 (good :P) helping people , now this goal you will never reach since your goal is to help people and there are allways people to help etc… thus u will never stand on that moutain and go like now what since u can never reach it… etc… anyhow this post took a turn i didn’t plan and weird come to think about it, but will leave it here anywayz…

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