4% of people regularly read these things

Among the presents that I received from my cousin Stephany on Christmas, I received a very nice Puma sweatshirt.

The sweatshirt was very nice, I loved it! It had perfect colors (grey and yellow), perfect texture, looked good on me… Anyway, I just loved it!

Thanks Stephy!


So, since I have a blue personality, or as others might say; since I am a “freak”, I started reading the leaflet that accompanied the sweatshirt… A tiny leaflet, the pics might look huge!




Then I reached the last page of the leaflet:

4% of people regularly read these things… I felt very special! I am one of the rare 4%!!!

Then I read 96% of people do something more important… so I thought :S

Then I smiled and realized that I am happy to be among the 4% who actually read these things!

And I will always read all the manuals and leaflets around me!


Because that’s who I am!!!

and guess what!?

I love it!

Happy New Year Everyone! May you love yourself more and more this year and every year!

No matter how freaky you might be!

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