The decisions we take

Every day you are surrounded by zillion decisions…

When the alarm rings in the morning you can either snooze it or wake up directly. You can then decide to skip work and go on a fishing trip if you want!

When you decide to get dressed, you then have more and more options regarding what to wear on that specific day. (If you decide to go casual to work, you might have a last minute meeting, where you don’t feel good about your dress choice that morning)

Before leaving to work, you can decide to have breakfast at home, take something on your road, or to eat in the office.

You can decide to take your lunch from home, order delivery, or eat out.

On the road, you also have various decisions to take; you can either take the long way or the short way.

When you reach your office, you have more and more decisions to take regarding what to start with; checking emails, reading that report you have been postponing for some time now… You can do a small team meeting and other tasks depending on your job.


After work hours end, you can decide to stay longer to finish that report you also postponed today, or you can meet some friends…

and the list goes one

These decisions are considered day to day decisions!

Then comes long-term decisions:

– Do you take this job offering or you continue searching for a better job?
– Do you stay at work or do you resign?
– Do you continue your education or not?
– Do you get married or do you stay single?

and the list goes on

The two contrasting decision types are nothing but two extremes to life threatening ones. Don’t think that deciding to eat breakfast at home won’t affect your life, because being late 1 minute, might sometimes save your life from a huge car crash.

Sometime having a conversation with a lady while waiting for your turn in the bank, might lead to finding your dream job.

Day in day out you make decision, you consider some minute and some humongous, however, no matter what size the decision is, it might be a life changing one!

Appreciate every decision you take, for it is the decision that got you here today… (Reading my blog, as opposed to reading the news or doing anything else!)

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