What are the rules and standards that govern your life?

If I were to define rules, I would say that they are a series of dos and don’ts that society created to organize the life of billions and billions of people.

Now what about us individuals?

Do we have rules that organize our lives?

Any dos and don’ts?

I believe that the answer is YES!

We do have personal rules or what we may call standards.

A standard as defined by the World Web is a basis for comparison, a reference point against which other things can be evaluated.

People create their own standards based on life experiences and lessons learnt.

“I do not accept this because…”


“I define myself successful if I do this or that”

are example of standards that people set for themselves and others around them to help organize the life they lead.

One part of Standards and Rules that govern our lives are Shoulds and Musts


What makes one person’s diet work and another not?

One person says, I should stop eating, while the other says, I must stop eating.

Should means there is no question about it!

Must means that I hope to!

Next time you decide on something, make sure to label it as a should to make sure that you will do it!

What are the rules and standards that govern your life?

What do you have to say...

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