How to develop habit?

They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit, I will not say most scientist say, for it will be a fallacy, but really really all scientists do say so!

Developing new habits can be numerous, you can decide to wake up early, exercise, eat healthier, reduce alcohol intake, become positive, etc.

So how can you develop this new habit of yours?


I am sharing what worked with me when I decided to start waking up early everyday.

  1. Decide on the habit you want to create: this is the first and most important step, you should what are you going to work on.
  2. Consider it’s benefits: there must be a reason to why are you even bothering to start this new habit. Ask yourself why you are doing it. I also suggest that you write these down to always remind you in times of doubt.
  3. Resist temptations: at any second we are tempted to go back to our original habits, resist these temptations and read your reasons again and again.
  4. Visulaize yourself doing it: the power of visualisation is so strong, so imagine yourself doing it, how it would feel, sound, etc.
  5. Start little by little: start your habit step by step and don’t overwhelm yourself, for you might break that habit quickly if you don’t start it little by little.
  6. Start with one habit at a time: again, you do not want to overwhelm yourself, so choose one habit at a time.
  7. Write it down as an affirmation: we are humans, and we need to convince ourselves frequently why this is an important thing, and why are we doing it.
  8. Go for three weeks, or more if other studies suggest more: repetition is key to forming any habit, if you do not repeat over and over, it will be lost.
  9. Reward yourself: decide on a reward system that works well with you, and yes, reward yourself, you took a long way to reach where you’ve reached.
  10. These simple techniques worked well with me, and I can now easily wake up everyday at 6:00am without an alarm even. Just the thought that I have more time to achieve more tasks during my day is enough for me to wake up early even in weekends! But to be clear here, sometimes I decide not to wake up that early on weekends, and I actually sleep in, ok?!

    Now try these and tell me what happens with you! Where you able to develop that habit of ours?!

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