They say there is no access to information in Lebanon…

… I say this is bull****! Excuse my French!

There is a lot of access to information in Lebanon, yet, this access is not public!

We live in a country with no respect to human privacy.

Last Thursday, I received a message from someone who happened to see me drive in the street and actually thought I was cute.

It turned out that there is this software that you can download on your PC, you put someone’s plate number, them you can know:

  • This person’s Name
  • Mother and Father’s name
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • and … This is so cool, if this person has a car loan or not and from which bank!
  • This is just amazing! I knew that there was such a software, but I thought that it only gives the name!

    Guess how I knew about such a software?!

    I was once driving and there was a guy transpassing me in a horrible traffic, I just went nuts at him, honking and screening.

    5 minutes later, I receive a phone call from him apologizing, it turned out that he didn’t know that this road was a two way road.

    Now, imagine if this guy was a freak, he would have waited for me to come home then kicked me a**! Also excuse my language!

    What kind of a zoo do we live in where people’s privacy, the most basic ones aren’t secured!

    What would the Lebanese internal forces do if I was murdered in front of my house?

    They wouldn’t even answer the calls of the neighbors saying that there is a dead body on the street. Or if they answer, they would give the neighbors the phone number of the Red Cross, since they can get rid of the body.

    I have been very patient with this stu*** country, I tried to believe that we are the change and if we work for this country, we might actually fix it. But it turned out that we can’t!

    I have also been very diplomatic about keeping my opinion, but I’ve had it here!

    This country is for mafias, tribes and political affiliates! If you know someone from either, you live a king and no one can even talk to you.

    If you are a normal person from a normal family without any political affiliations, then you are bound to live with injustice.

    I hear by declare that I am not even proud to be born in this country, I despise the second I was born in it, and I promise that at any time I get a chance to leave it, I will leave it and never look back!

    Long gone was the beautiful country where my grandparents lived!

    Long gone the hospitable and nice Lebanese!

    Long gone Lebanon to me!

    One thought on “They say there is no access to information in Lebanon…

    1. ok agree with you completely: that software is shit and potentially dangerous. I don’t agree with you on how shitty Lebanon is though :). Every country has good and bad sides but you often don’t see the good sides until you leave. Unfortunately I’ve learned the hard way. Anyway I left and even though I wouldn’t have thought so, I do look back. A lot…

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