The PaperBoy, Oh Boy!

When you know that Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman, John Cusack and John Cusack are all in one movie, you expect the movie to be a hit. That’s what I thought when the sales person at the DvD store suggested that it was a very nice movie recently released. (He had earlier asked me what type of movie I was searching for, I told him that I was searching for comedy!)

Just for you to have an idea about the movie, I am copying the movie information as posted on Rotten Tomatoes:

The paperboy

A sexually and racially charged film noir from Oscar-nominated director Lee Daniels (Precious), The Paperboy takes audiences deep into the backwaters of steamy 1960s South Florida, as investigative reporter Ward Jansen (Matthew McConaughey) and his partner Yardley Acheman (David Oyelowo) chase a sensational, career-making story. With the help of Ward’s younger brother Jack (Zac Efron) and sultry death-row groupie Charlotte Bless (Nicole Kidman), the pair tries to prove violent swamp-dweller Hillary Van Wetter (John Cusack) was framed for the murder of a corrupt local sheriff. Based on the provocative bestselling novel by Pete Dexter (Mulholland Falls, Rush), The Paperboy peels back a sleepy small town’s decades-old façade of Southern gentility to reveal a quagmire of evil as dark as a Florida bayou. — (C) Official Site

The movie was nominated for 18 awards and then won two of them (more information about the awards can be found at The paperboy – Wikipedia). As far as I know, being nominated by itself is something good.

Now after reading information about the movie and watching the trailer, I can now state my opinion:

This is the worsted movie I have ever watched in my whole entire life. Usually when I know that a movie is that disturbing, I just don’t watch it. The sales person fooled me, I actually don’t think that he watched it. I honestly dread the second that I listed to him and bought it.

As I was watching the movie, I couldn’t stop asking myself

“What the hell were these actors thinking when they agreed to film this movie?”

I mean, did they skip reading the script and sign for the movie then were stuck with it?

How can Jack Efron, the start of High School Musical shift from a PG rating to an R rating? Was he looking for a different audience?

Nicole Kidman, I thought she had class… it seems that fame is more important nowadays, or she was afraid that she is becoming older and wanted to star in a hit movie!

Back to the movie, well, it tackles all the flows of society, it has scenes that corrupt ones brain, and it actually depresses people.

What this movie does, is similar to what a lot are currently doing, they are showing the audience (us the people) the worst that a society can offer, so that when these things do happen, we are used to them, and can take them easier.

The PaperBoy

The worst scenes of the movies:

  1. John Cusack and Nicole Kidman having oral sex in the prison’s visitors area
  2. Zac Efron gets stung by a Jelly fish and Nicole Kidman vulgarly pees on him
  3. Matthew McConaughey (being a homosexual) gets humiliated in a motel room after approaching a pair of sadistic men who rape and torture him
  4. John Cusack and Nicole Kidman having an actual sex scene in a laundry room (after Cusack gets released from prison) that is cut by random images of disgusting wildlife outside

Other horrible scenes that do not relate to the movie’s plot:

  1. Someone opening up an alligator and his guts are exposed in details
  2. A naked pregnant women, the camera just happened to picture her

I hope that my blog post did not excite you to watch the movie. But if you watched it, what did you think of it?