Sushi on the Rocks

As usual, Sundays are my favorite days to create food, this Sunday, my girlfriends and I decided to explore the world of sushi.

What we used:
– raw salmon
– boiled shrimps
– crab sticks
– carrots
– avocado
– cucumber
– nori (dried seaweed for rolls)
– pickled ginger
– soya sauce
– rice
– sugar
– salt
– rice vinegar
– water
– wasabi

To prepare the rice, we rinsed it with water several times, then boiled it, once cooked, we added a tablespoon of vinegar, a bit of salt and a bit of sugar then we mixed.

Be careful about the amount of vinegar, sugar and salt that you put because it varied according to the types used and your taste of cause!

Once the rice was ready, we shopped the salmon, boiled the shrimps and chopped the vegetables.

When everything was ready, we started getting creative with our mixture.





Pickled ginger is usually eaten between sushi pieces to reset taste buds and enjoy each piece separately.


We enjoyed our sushi with white wine and a vegetable salad…


If that’s not a Sunday night recipe then I don’t know what is!!!

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