Do You Feel Like Having Chicken Tonight?

So, do you feel like having chicken tonight?

How about some chicken with coriander and garlic?!

I know you can smell it already!


Here’s how you can do it in some easy steps!

The ingredients needed:
– chicken (breasts or drumsticks)
– potatoes
– onions
– garlic
– coriander
– olive oil
– salt
– pepper (optional)

Here’s how to do it:

1. Clean the chicken, add salt and olive oil to it then put it in a cooking tray in the oven

2. Meanwhile, wash, peal and slice potatoes, then add salt and oil to them

3. Add the potatoes to the chicken, directly as soon as you finish cleaning them, you can add them together if thy are cleaned and ready

4. As you are waiting for them to cook, wash and shop the coriander. Then mash the garlic adding a bit of salt and olive oil. Be careful not to put too much salt!


5. Just as the chicken and potatoes are being cooked, add the coriander and garlic sauce to it, stir all together… Then voilà!

There you have your best chicken with coriander and garlic!


I leave you with a final question:


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