How to assemble an electric extension

Disclaimer: this advice is based on my own experience doing this, each person trying it is responsible for his/her own actions! Anything can go wrong!

Have you ever assembled an electric extension? Well, it is easy, yet you have to be very careful in every step of the way!

Get an electric socket and an electric wire. The socket needs to have both sides of the plug.

You will also need a screw driver to tighten the screws of the electric socket.


This is the electric socket. With the screw driver, loosen up the screw so you can open the electric socket.


Insert the electric wire in the plastic socket.


Then fold the two edges of the electric wire.


Tie the copper part of the electric wire to the screws found in the socket. Then tighten the screw.



Return the plastic socket to its place, and tighten the screw.


Do the same thing for the other side of the electric extension.


Et Voilà! Here’s your electric extension!


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