How to organize your utensils drawer

Do you have that utensil drawer that is never tidy?

A lot of utensils, yet can’t find the one you want?


Is it a utensil hurricane?


Small pieces are lost between the bigger ones?


Here’s how I suggest you fix that problem:

1. Get a nylon thick cloth, you should find it one dollar stores and it is sold by meters. This cloth will create friction thus prevent the utensils from changing place when you open and close the drawer.

20130919-183912.jpg2. Start by adding the bigger utensils, then add the smaller ones. I advise that you put the smaller pieces in a small compartment to keep them in one corner.


3. Step by step, add the utensils.


That’s how my drawer turned out to be! Everything aligned and doesn’t move when I open and close the drawer.


Two advices:
1. Always return each utensil to its place after using it.
2. Inform all your family members about the place of each utensil so you makes sure no one changes anything!


Or, if you don’t have a lot of utensils, you can always store them in a utensil holder, and not pass through any hassle!


Good Luck!!!

By the way, how do you store your utensils?

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