MEN! Have you ever wondered what women have inside their handbags?

Okay, so as most if I don’t want to say all the girls that I have met, we all love BAGS (and shoes but this post is about bags)! No seriously! There is a bond that no one understands, even us, that can never be broken.

Have you ever seen a woman without a bag?

Remember how often a women changes her bag?

Well, talking about myself, I change bags every day, my bag needs to match with my earings! Yes with my earings, imagine that they have different colors?! What a shame that would be!

Anyway, if I were to talk about bags, I would create an encyclopedia, so I will limit myself to what’s inside women’s bags.

Okay, so try holding a girl’s bag for a second while she wears her coat. Don’t you feel how heavy it is? I am sure you do!

How many times have you asked her about the content of this bag?

Well, here’s a hind that will help you understand the secretes of what’s inside our bags.

Inside a bag

Inside a bag also

Essentials Excluding Make up related!

Make up and Co Essentials

The small bag that fits ALL the “Make up and Co Essentials”

How you see the bag from the inside

The bag from the outside!

Okay, so let’s take a quick look at some of the content and interpret their usage!

Mobile Phone: the only way you can reach a women! Right?! that is… if she answers… or if she finds it in this huge bag…

Wallet: It’s a crime to leave the house without a wallet, you know, “the Wallet” is the secret to buying all these cute stuff!

Notebook: You never know when women get inspired, and definitly when this inspiration hits, we need to be prepared!

Pen or Pencil: to write our inspirational thoughts, maybe write a note for someone… Maybe to custumize a business card, or even sign on your credit cards, yes your credit cards! Check your wallet, is your credit card with you?! OH, Sorry! Forgot to tell you… I needed it so badly!

Lipstick: no woman wants her lips cracked, and neither do you!

Lip-gloss: the lips need some color… and the face needs brightening.

Perfume: Isn’t a women’s scent the most important part of her appearance?! How do you think we captivated you in the first place?!

Business Cards: We never get a chance to keep in touch! Our business cards are key to follow up, and “keeping in touch”.

Plasters: As you might know, we love shoes as well, yes, shoes. So sometimes we buy shoes that hurt our feet, just because they look good. So they will give us blisters and we need plasters, just to help us finish the day and maintain our fantastic image!

Now you know what’s inside our handbags, next time you need a screw driver, just ask us, we might have one! I am serious we might, who knows!

PS: I am sure that I forgot a zillion item, please remind me of them!

4 thoughts on “MEN! Have you ever wondered what women have inside their handbags?

    1. Well, up till this second, I wasn’t curious, now that you mentioned it… What is inside a men’s wallet or handbag?! You should post about that…if, there’s nothing secret!

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