How to Preserve Your “Precious”?

Every year on New Year’s Eve, we finish the night by eating the “Galette des Rois” (King Cake in English).

This traditional cake is usually eaten around the Epiphany holiday. The cake usually has a small plastic or glass figurine called a trinket and the person who gets it is usually lucky that year.

This year my husband and I both got our own trinkets. They were so special that I decided to preserve them as magnets!


Here’s how I created these two little magnets in two easy steps!

The ingredients needed are:
1. The precious item(s) you want to preserve
2. A magnet or more
3. Glue gun


Just apply a small amount of glue on the precious item, then stick the magnet over it. Try not to apply a lot of glue same as I did!


Once done, you can put your precious item in a box and offer it as a gift.

Or you can stick it to a magnetic surface and enjoy looking at it!


Enjoy preserving and don’t you ever loose any precious item from now on!

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