Lifestyle Article: 19 Steps to Organize a Party this Summer

One of the best things that I did in 2014 was writing my first article in the magazine “Lifestyle Middle East”.

My article’s name was “19 ways to organize a party this summer” and it was printed in the section of tips and tricks. Here’s a picture of my article from the magazine:

19 steps to organize a party this summer - Lifestyle Middle East - Chantal Souaid Mchantaf

A snapshot from my article: 19 steps to organize a party this summer – Lifestyle Middle East – Chantal Souaid Mchantaf

Its summer, the weather is nice, a lot of your friends are off, what better than organizing a party at your house?

If you are organizing a party at your house this summer, follow through these steps in order to make it a success.

1. Decide on the party theme: think of why you are holding this party. Is it a birthday party? Bachelor or bachelorette? Just another Saturday party? Deciding on the theme will help you choose a suitable date, a menu set, music and others.

2. Decide on the date and time: the date of your party is vital for its success, choose a suitable date and time depending on your party’s style.

3. Set a party budget: the budget of your party is essential in developing all the details that follow. A small budget might mean only light bites; while a big budget might mean seafood!

4. Get approval: if your party involves a main person who you are holding the party for, get his/her approval ASAP.

5. Decide on the music style: is your party a chilled out one where lounge music would be great or is it dancing till down where only David Getta can fire it up?! This information is also fundamental and will affect food choices!

6. Get a notebook and a pen or open a notes page on your phone: this will be your best friend from now till the end of the party! Make sure to pick something handy.

7. Create a guest list: write down the names of the invitees, make sure that you have their phone numbers, if you don’t secure them.

8. Invite the guests: I suggest that you start by creating a Facebook event where you write down all the details of the party. Not all people check their event requests, so I suggest that you follow up with a call. You need to have the final count of guests to prepare the food accordingly. As you are contacting your guests, they might ask you what to get with them; you can be honest and tell them what you really need.

9. Decide on the menu: on your notebook, write down the drinks that you would like to serve on a page, the different types of appetizers on another, the main course on a third, and the crackers on the forth and so on… I suggest that you consult some cooking books or Google for some delicious ideas.

10. Get some help: let’s face it; you cannot organize a party without some help. Get a partner, someone that you trust, someone who you know is quick and sure knows what he/she is doing then divide the tasks. You can get more help if needed.

11. Write down your supermarket list: after deciding on the menu, you will know what

items you need to buy from the supermarket. Write the list down on a different page, make sure to divide the items into types, this will help you quickly get through the supermarket aisles.

12. Get the right installation and DJ if available: No matter how big or small your party is you need the proper installation. I suggest that you invite this one particular friend who has a thing for music, the one who would just love to sit all night behind his/her laptop flipping songs, and they can be your DJ for the night. I suggest that the installation is set several hours before the event just to make sure that everything is working.

13. Visit the supermarket: go to the supermarket with your partner(s), this will help make your visit quick and straight to the point. Since you already know what you want to buy and already know from what section of the supermarket you want to buy it, divide the list between you and your partner and let each go separate ways. Your shopping should be ready in no time.

14. Divide the work: Once you have all the items you need, divide the work between you and your partner. Let each of you do what he/she does best. This will make it easier to do the actual work in no time. You will need to cook some things, wash some vegetables, and maybe even clean the house.

15. Start preparing: start by preparing similar items together, for example, wash all the vegetables and fruits in the beginning, meanwhile, you can have something in the oven being cooked. Remember, if some items require staying warm, you might want to keep them undone till your guests arrive.

16. Decorate: decide where you want to sit, and decorate the set. This way, you can directly put the food items on the table. Remember, people’s hunger is quenched from their eyes first; make sure that the food display is appealing.

17. Dress something nice: you do not want to welcome your guests in a crappy look. Take a quick shower, dress something nice, if you have the luxury of a hair-do (and if you are a lady), do so quickly. But make sure that you look fresh and nice. Meanwhile as you are getting dressed your partner can be finishing up some final touches, then you switch turns

18. Welcome your guests and enjoy the party!

19. Remember to take pictures during the party, and don’t forget to thank your guests the next day or two.

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