Neswen (women in English) is a new Lebanese movie scheduled to be released in Lebanon on February 6. The movie is directed by San Andrawos and staring Elias Zayek and Zeina Makki.

I  watched the avant premiere of the movie yesterday and felt the need to share my thoughts about it.

Before I start, here’s a brief about the movie as extracted from it’s trailer’s introduction:

Neswen tells the story of Saber, a male chauvinistic butcher who, one day, decides to close up his shop after a dreadful encounter with an annoying female customer. On his way back home, he crashes into a car that had ran a red light. Furious to discover that the driver is also a female, he threatens to kill her with his butcher knife, which lands him 3 years in jail.

After serving his sentence, he gets out only to find that women had revolted against the rule of men and established an entirely new system where men are the underdogs, second class citizens. The new societal norms impose the same harsh restrictions on males that he had always thought should be imposed on women, and now he has to get creative in order to adapt to this nightmare, or try to change it!

Production: Jaroudi Media – Eyeshot Production
Screenplay: Youssef Sleiman
Director: Sam Andraos
Music and Original Score: Karina Eid
Starring: Elias Zayek and Zeina Makki
Main Cast:

Lara Rain
Michel Abousleiman
Nada Abou Farhat
Antoinette Akiki
Lilianne Nemri
Joseph Azoury
Cynthia Karam
Bonita Saadeh

Here’s the movie’s official trailer:

Someone once told me that when you leave a movie wondering how it might have ended up differently, then consider it a  good movie!

The movie indeed kept me wondering how it might have ended up differently (till I found a suitable ending in my head)!

As I was watching the movie, I couldn’t but feel sorry for Saber the butcher and this new world he came to where women are the new rulers and were treating men as second class citizens. It annoyed me, it made me see things on the reverse, it made me think of men and women’s right, how each is treating the other, and how inequality hurts.

The scenes in the movie go pinning straight into people’s hot spots: the role of men and women in society. It fanatically displays how men are treating women (but as I mentioned reversed).

“Neswen is a movie well thought of and well implemented, it takes you to a place where you are sure you do not want to go. The morale of the movie is high, it teaches both men and women that neither cannot rule without the other, and encourages equality from both sides.”

When you watch “Neswen” you will surely want equal rights between men and women with an emphasis to no differentiation;, and I truly believe that this was the essence of the movie!

Here’s a picture of my friends and I with Elias Zayek (I am the lady on the left)

2 thoughts on “Neswen

  1. ohh you were there also yesterday 🙂
    i didn’t catch you,
    well what i thought that this movie has a new kind of ending that i really didn’t think off
    michel abou sleiman wasn’t that good especially with the playing on words, he taking the character that we know him from hadees l balad into the movie.
    elias yazbek is amazing in his role and he is really good, it’s the first time i see him frankly.

    1. Actually no one thought that it will end this way! And that made it nice.
      I already knew Elias Zayek and Joseph Azoury, so I was looking forward to see the movie.

      And it was worth the wait!

      See you soon!

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