Egg ‘n Cheese with Asparagus and Ham

On Sundays, we all tend to have more time at hand, so why not spoil yourself with a healthy breakfast full or proteins as I did to myself yesterday!
– 2 eggs
– fresh asparagus
– ham
– cheese
– salt
– pepper
– oil or butter (depending on your pan)


1. Cut the asparagus in small pieces.


2. Preheat the pan, I usually use pans that do not require any oil or butter, you might want to add some oil or butter.

3. Add all the ingredients together and stir a bit.

4. Once cooked to your preference, serve warm. You eat them with pitta bread. I like to eat them with my banquette tasted bread.

5. I suggest eating the eggs with tea, coffee or fresh juice.

Enjoy your healthy breakfast

5 thoughts on “Egg ‘n Cheese with Asparagus and Ham

      1. Hehe nah :p it’s actually the combo of eggs, ham and cheese, 3 sources of high fat proteins in one meal, too much :p plus the ham and cheese are totally processed. A good option would be making the eggs with greens and veggies like asparagus, mushroom, spinach, bell pepper corn, etc. Bas it does look good with the color combination to be honest

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