What do you think when you hear of Turtle Beach?

Well, we imagined to be swimming with turtles, walking on sand and stumbling upon tiny turtles… but we were wrong!

So turtle beach in Dalyan turned out to be a beach where an endangered loggerhead turtle breads. Back in 1987, the area acheived international fame since there was a luxury hotel that was planned to be built on this special land. The project development stopped to help preserve these turtles.

I have to admit, I only saw two turtles and I am not sure that they are loggerhead turtles, but I guess it was a good job 27 years ago to stop this hotel and preserves these species. Though I have to mention that the huge number of tourists visiting turtle beach is also endangering this species!

So during our trip in Dalyan, we saw several things. We started by seeing king’s tomb, then two turtles, then we had a mud bath.



Lycian tombs




that’s where we had lunch!


OMG is that a lion?! I just saw it!


“According to mythology Kaunos was founded by King Kaunos, son of the Carian King Miletus and Kyane, and grandson ofApollo. Kaunos had a twin sister by the name of Byblis who developed a deep, unsisterly love for him. When she wrote her brother a love letter, telling him about her feelings, he decided to flee with some of his followers to settle elsewhere. His twin sister became mad with sorrow, started looking for him and tried to commit suicide. Mythology says that the Calbys river emerged from her tears”.


The guide told us that according to the myth, after Byblis disappeared, the mountain became like a portray of her sleeping. Can you see her in the image?




Turtle one


Turtle one or maybe turtle two


that’s the third turtle I saw!

I leave you with my favorite quote for the day: ” Turtles don’t eat cups, so don’t throw them in the sea!”


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