From Marmaris To Ismeler by Bike

There is no way to know a city if you do not walk around it. But when the city is large, you cycle around it.

Fadi and I decided to rent bicycles and tour around Marmaris to get to know it better.

Without noticing it, we cycled all day starting from 1pm ending at 9:00pm. We toured all Marmaris, then moved to Ismeler and back!


We started the day full of energy


Heading towards Icemeler



Icemeler Bay


Leaving Icemeler



Marmaris Port

DSC00103 DSC00109 DSC00113 DSC00116


Marmaris old town


Bar Street, Marmaris

DSC00123 DSC00124


Marmaris Shopping area

Chawarma lunch after a long day

Shawarma Lunch in old Marmaris Town


The mermaid in the pond

The mermaid in the pond

We planned to stay near the mermaid in the pond since at 9:00pm every tuesday, they do a fountain show. We were so tired and wanted to return the bicycles so we skipped that.

We will sure visit Marmaris again and see it another time!

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