What they call Safari

So when you travel to Marmaris, Turkey, you stumble upon a zillion travel guides who will sell you the same things, but with varying prices, they claim that the quality is different, and each brags that he has a better boat, better lunch, better jeep, etc.

One of these famous Marmaris trips is the safari. So we booked one.

As soon as I got in the Jeep, I fastened my seat belt, I imagined that it would be like the Safari’s I have been to in the United Arab Emirates where the driver scares the hell out of us, I assumed that since they are open Jeeps that we might see some animals, like a Giraffe,  maybe a lion, who knows… and how wrong was I?! Haven’t anyone watched TV?

The driver started laughing at me, then I noticed that I cannot fasten my seat belt.

DSC00162 DSC00163 DSC00176 DSC00178

We started by seeing some nice scenery, and each time I am expecting us to reach that exotic nice place. Safari turned out to be a visit in the mud, selling us some water guns, then selling us water, make us fight Jeep against Jeep, then after around 45 minutes stop to rest and return the guns…

That was a disappointment for me 😦

DSC00180 DSC00183

After a so-called Safari, they took us to see the water fall, they were so into the water fall, that I imagined again a huge thing that would take my breath away and remind me of the omnipotence of our creator…



That was the water fall

It had fallen some time ago!

DSC00199 DSC00211

Then they took us to Jesus Beach, I was sure that Jesus didn’t pass by here, but why was it called Jesus Beach?

Then I noticed people walk in the middle of the sea but as if walking on water. It turned out that there was high sand in the middle of the sea allowing people to “walk on water”.

Not a good idea to be using Jesus for marketing purposes. Also another not good idea!

What they call Jesus Island

My cup of coffee after this long day

The day wasn’t my best day, it might be your best if you visit Marmaris…

All that I know was that my afternoon coffee was the best part of my day!


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