Goa, India: Anjuna Flea Market

One of the most important things that I wanted to do in Goa, India was to visit the Anjuna flea market. This is why I insisted on sleeping the first day in Anjuna forgetting that the flee market was every Wednesday!

Anyway, after sleeping in Anjuna on Monday, we went back to Panjim on Tuesday, then rented motorbikes on Wednesday to be able to drive to Anjuna for the famous flea market. It was Wednesday, April 16, Day 3 in Goa, India!

It was easy to reach Anjuna, it took us around 1 hour to get there, and somehow the maps worked their way directly inside the flee market. When I look at the map again, I can’t help but get surprised by the quick way we reached the market. Who knows, it might have been “Beginner’s Luck!”

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 6.49.04 PM

The Wednesday Flea Market held at St. Michael’s Vaddo on South Anjuna beach is world famous for offering an astounding variety of shopping attractions, a lively place where a nonstop trance soundtrack sets the scene and hundreds of stalls sell everything from futuristic rave gear to hammocks. Anjuna Flea Market is totally different from the Indian markets and even different from any other Goa tourist markets. Vendors, sellers and participants come as early as 5 in the morning to start setting up their stalls. Business ends by sunset late in the evening. 

Originally started by “Eight Finger Eddie” (8 March 1924 – 18 October 2010), an American hippie of Armenian descent, who was credited with popularizing Goa, India as a tourist destination from the mid-1960s onward. He set up a flea market in 1975 mainly for the foreign hippies wanting to barter their unwanted possessions and “hang out”.  Strategically situated on the sandy stretch overlooking the waves of the Arabian Sea, today’s vast and bustling market, which transpires every Wednesday during the peak season (October-April) practically takes up the entire stretch of beach, offering everything and anything you could think of, from merchants across India, locally produced apparel, spices, jewelry and clothing made by international underground fashion designers. (Source: Anjuna Flea Market Facebook Page)

Here’s a glimpse of our adventure!


That’s me and Fady (my husband:))

As we were driving, we reached a market, and were thrilled to have finally reached the Flea Market.


One of the shops selling Bob Marley t-shirts… A cute nice little


< Me fighting the urge to buy everything> – Do I buy them all?! – Silly you! No you are not wearing a lot of necklaces! – But they are so cheap and so nice… 😦 – No! you are NOT buying any!


Yes a cow can do anything in Goa!

Then after visiting three or four shops, we felt that this wasn’t the flea market… So we checked and it turned out that the flea market was a drive ahead. So we hopped on our motorbikes and drove to the real Flea Market.

The flea market is characterized by small open shacks, or even small displays on the floor where various vendors come from all over Goa to sell and make a living.


Fady made a new bestfriend! Should I be jealous?!

We spent the whole day strolling being vendors, skimming through souvenirs, jewelry, clothing, spices, incense, etc.


Smelling Indian Spices…


Buying my first Sari (I ended up buying the purple one she was holding :))


That’s a real Indian!


We took our lunch break in a nice restaurant that has a cool band playing nice music

At some point we couldn’t take the heat, and at the same time, we heard some Pink Floyd music, so we stopped at a restaurant and ate and drank as we rested to the sound of music familiar to our ears!


Beach shacks at Anjuna seaside

We then took a walk along the beach shacks…

DSC_0092 DSC_0103 DSC_0107 DSC_0108 DSC_0132

Beach shaks

Imagine all the mosquitos in these open air beach shacks!

Doing my henna tattoo

Doing my henna tattoo

My henna tattoo before pealing

My henna tattoo before pealing

My henna tattoo after pealing

My henna tattoo after pealing


Why all the seriousness guys?! (that’s Fady and his cousin Ronnie)


So after spending a very nice day in Flea market, I insisting on eating corncobs, so I bought the most delicious corncob ever!

I was actually shy to demand a second one especially after having an actual lunch!

The best Corn I have ever eaten

The best corn I have ever eaten!

As we were preparing to leave, the worst thing happened! The fuel cord from our rented bike broke and the motorbike wasn’t taking in fuel to drive!


The man where we rented the bikes from wanted us to fix the bike and get him a receipt! But where can we find a mechanic in Anguna!!!!

Long story made short: There was a man, just sitting near us who just happened to have a phone and to be good enough and drive us to a mechanic…

The mechanic needed a specific equipment to fix it… that was in another town nearby… it was getting dark! and its scary to drive at night in Goa!


Ronnie was pushed by the mechanic using preliminary methods 🙂

At the mechanic

The garage wasn’t very fancy… but it did what it had to do… SAVE US!

The mechanic eventually fixed the bike tentatively (for mechanic freaks: he made the fuel cord an extension outside the bike and Ronnie had to pull a chord to accelerate!!!) and it only costed us 150 Rupees ($2.5)

That was the cheapest visit to any mechanic in my whole entire existence!

After fixing the bike we drove to Panjim and made it there in an hour, the way back was scary, dangerous and very very stressful! But we finally made it and couldn’t but go eat at Dominos Pizza… A food that we know and actually can relate to!


The Lebanese Roll

The Lebanese Roll

To our very weird surprise, there was a lebanese roll being promoted! that was very weird especially that we never met anyone in Goa who knew where the hell was Lebanon!

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

The gifts and souvenirs we bought

The gifts and souvenirs we bought

I ended up buying a couple of souvenirs and gifts, not a lot actually and I was proud being able to control myself and not buy the whole entire market!

My Dirty Feet at the end of the day!

My Dirty Feet at the end of the day!

At the end of the day I looked down at my feet and saw them very dirty for the first time ever… then I saw the same thing at the end of every adventurous day in Goa 🙂 and it was all worth it!

At the end of the day and after a very long bath, we went on the beach and had a lot of beers…


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