It wasn’t a pleasure meeting you!

How many times have you met people yet didn’t enjoy meeting them. The encounter ends, you shake hands and then say: “It was a pleasure meeting you!”

Don’t you wish that you can tell someone “It wasn’t a pleasure meeting you!” That’s the truth sometimes! I know that I wish I could!

But why do we enjoy meeting some people yet do not enjoy meeting others?!


Let’s try to find out together:

1. Get a paper and pen, or use something digital like a computer or your phone.

2. Write down some names of the people that you didn’t enjoy meeting.

3. Next to the names, write down what qualities did this person have that made you not like him/her thus, making it not a pleasure to meet them.

4. Group these qualities into one or more of the the below arguments.

– Are they qualities that you have, yet don’t like having?
– Are they qualities that you don’t have, yet wish to have?
– Are they qualities that you don’t have, yet thank God that you don’t have?
– Anything else that I didn’t think of!

5. Analyse them! Try to understand why these qualities bother you?

– Is it because you hate someone and he/she has these qualities?
– Is it because these qualities contradict with your personality?
– Is it because you love these qualities and are jealous of the person that has them?
– Also anything else that I didn’t mention!

6. Understand these people: if you know that you will need to work/live with these people (see them more often), then try to work on understanding them and finding ways to cope with them.

7. Or decide never to see them again! Isn’t that better?! And why not even tell them: “It wasn’t a pleasure meeting you!” And don’t forget the fake smile at the end!


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