Goa, India: Spice Farm

After our visit to the Dhudshagar Falls, we visited a Spice Farm. To be exact, I don’t know the exact name of the farm, the two most known ones are the Tropical Spice Plantation and the Sahakari Spice Farm, and I am sure that we didn’t visit either! It must have been Savoi Plantation… who know… We never asked, and we were astonished by the trip that we never even wanted to know where we are!


The aim of our trip was to learn more about the different spices, how they are grown, and what are their benefits.

Fady and I entering the Spice Farm

Fady and I entering the Spice Farm

We were welcomed with flower necklaces and an Indian red dot in the middle of our forehead. The red dot is called Bindi for women and  Tilak for men. At the moment, having a red dot on our forehead seemed like a nice welcome, after doing a research about it, we still couldn’t identify it as anything else than a welcome since we are tourists, they don’t know our religion and we are not doing any ritual together!

A guide called Sunil was present to assist us in oir journey into the spice farm. Sunil was very remarkable for he told us an incredible story each time he had to introduce a fruit or a plant.

Sunil talking to us about the Jackfruit

Sunil talking to us about the Jackfruit

The farm was very calm and quite, it smelled nice and had a very positive vibe.


Sunil talked about existence, unity, being one with nature,… and all these big topics that filled our heads with questions and answers.


We talked about several spices, what their benefits are and how they are made, he advised us to eat healthy, live well, and count our blessings.

Sunil works at the farm for $95 per month, he knows that he can get paid more if he works in an office, yet he cannot imagine being far from nature.

He likes to be in touch with nature and live a serene life, so he is doing so now, rather than waiting to retire to do so. He advised us to eat from nature around us, since our composition is shaped by our habitat.

He told us that we are all one with nature, and that if we pollute in our country we are affecting his country.

A Cashew fruit

A Cashew fruit

A Coconut Tree

A Coconut Tree

A Pineapple Fruit

A Pineapple Fruit

DSC_0732 DSC_0733 DSC_0734

We toured with him for around 45minutes, we got to like him a lot, and like the way he was talking.

After our trip, we had lunch at the farm. The food was organic, it was super delicious, we just didn’t want to leave this place that seemed like heaven!

The best lunch we had in Goa

The best lunch we had in Goa

Curry Rice

Curry Rice

eDSC_0684 eDSC_0687 eDSC_0688

The meal...

The meal…

Everything seemed healthy and fresh, we felt that we were cleansed, we didn’t talk, we had a lot of ideas going on in our minds… W just sat there and enjoyed the sounds of nature.



On our way back, it started to rain, I looked at the sky and smiled, it was good friday that day, so the earth was weeping.

That night we didn’t have beer by the beach… We wanted to stay healthy… and we still had a lot to think of…

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