Hospital Packing List – Baby Delivery Edition

My best friend, who happens to be my bridesmaid, and sister, happens to be delivering a lovely baby girl sometime this month. As part of her final preparations, she is packing her hospital bag since she is now in her third trimester and will God willingly deliver soon.

While discussing her packing progress, I got nervous that she might actually forget something. She told me that things are under control, yet since I am a control freak, I was still worried. This issue intrigued me to do my own research and create a checklist so she can remember the smallest details.

So, I did my own research, added my own twist of organization freakiness, and I am pleased to present to you with no further ado, my hospital packing list, baby delivery special in honor of R.:


  1. Pajamas:Make sure they open in the front if you are planning on breast-feeding
  2. Robe:so you can wear it in case someone visits you
  3. Slippers:you will use these while walking around in the hospital
  4. Socks:get various pairs, it might get cold, even in summer
  5. Underwear:including new nursing bra, take more than you expect to use, they don’t take space and you do not want to be short on these
  6. Breast pads:even if you do not plan on breastfeeding
  7. Towels:various sizes, for your bath, hands and even for guests
  8. Clothes to return home wearing: including suitable shoes that go along with the clothes. Most resources say that your size should be as if you are six months pregnant.
  9. Belly belt: I wasn’t sure under which category should this fall under, yet I finally decided to put it under clothes since you wear it! Oh by the way, you might consider using one, check with your doctor!
  10. Empty laundry bag:so you can put your dirty clothes in it


  1. Toothbrush and toothpaste:you can get one-use toothbrushes, or travel size
  2. Shampoo and shower gel:you can also get a conditioner if use it
  3. Sanitary pads:even that the hospital will supply you with these,
  4. Wipes, hand gel, and tissues:sanitization can never be enough
  5. Eye glasses or contact lenses:if you wear them
  6. Hairbrush, hair clip or band:you might want to tie your hair, so you need all the needed hair items. You might also want to use to hair dryer to dry your hair after a shower
  7. Lip balm:hospitals are dry and your body temperature is changing
  8. Face wash and moisturizer:just in case you never want to skip a skin routine! Just in case!
  9. Deodorant and perfume:Imagine your hospital same as a hotel stay where you are granted a complementary kid to get home with you, so you do not want to skip the perfume!
  10. Acetone and Cotton:just in case you are forced to remove your (transparent) nail polish

Hospital Packing Items

Edible stuff

  1. Mints:you might experience nausea and/or vomiting, so you want your breath to stay fresh afterwards
  2. Snacks and drinks:for you and your guests who spend time with you
  3. Sugar-free hard candy: I read that you need sugar-free hard candy to moisten your mouth during labor. Sugar will make you thirsty, that’s why sugar free candy is suggested
  4. Chocolate:you will need to offer the people who visit you at the hospital some chocolate, so get a small tray of your chocolate or just get any nice chocolate and sweets


  1. Magazine or book:You might wait a lot in hospital before giving birth, so get something that will keep you busy
  2. Pillow: hospital pillows are not that comfortable, why don’t you take your own pillow?
  3. Large envelope or folder:you will need to neatly store the birth certificate and any other documents that the hospital provides you J
  4. Pen and paper:just keep these around, you might be given some instructions from the doctor and decide to write them down, you might be asked to sign some papers, etc. (anyway, you should always have a pen and paper with you in your handbag! Check out “Men! Have You Ever Wandered What Women Have InsideTheir Handbags?!” )
  5. Phone charger:you want your phone to stay full since you will be getting a lot of calls and congratulations!
  6. Camera and charger:you definitely do not want to save the moment on your phone’s camera! Make sure to have enough storage, your partner and family will keep on taking pictures of every breath the newborn takes.
  7. Family picture:In one of the websites that I was reading, they recommended getting a family picture in case you already have other kids. They claimed that the picture will help your kids remember that you will miss them and that you are not focusing all your attention on the newborn. I actually like this idea, it’s not bad, and worth trying if you do not want jealousy between siblings.

And, I guess that’s it! Did I forget anything?! Do you usually take other stuff?!


PS: R. doesn’t know that I will be packing another shadow bag for her! Just in case she forgets anything! Who knows!? 😉

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