How To Pack For A Trip

The most cumbersome part of traveling is packing your bags. You never know what to pack, you end up taking too much clothes, or too little, not to mention when you take clothes that do not suit the season.

Here are some steps that will help you pack more efficiently for your next trip:

  1. Know your destination: your destination should be exotic, cold, urban, etc. your destination will determine the weather conditions, and trip type so you can decide what to pack. Make an online research to see how the weather feels like on your trip and read some blogs for advice from people who previously visited this specific place before you.
  2. Know your trip’s duration: You should know the time spent on your vacation in order to pack your bags. Packing for a three day vacation is very different than packing for a 10-day vacation.
  3. Inside your Bags:

Start with the basics:

  • Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb, hair accessories, nail clipper, medicine, perfume, deodorant, creams, any medicine that you take,
  •  Clothes: tops, bottoms, shoes, jackets, underwear, socks, belts, pajamas, swimsuits (if needed), sports clothes,
  •  Electronics: Camera, camera charger, phone, phone charge, earphones, memory card, ipad or laptop in case you need them,

packing 2 + text

In your handbag: in most planes, they will allow you to take a carry on and a handbag or purse. Make sure to take a comfortable handbag. Here are some of the things that you can put inside it.

  • Personal hygiene: Wipes, tissues, hand gel (you might want to put the hand gel in your luggage since you are not allowed to take a lot of liquids to the airplane)
  • Personal Items: sunglasses, traveling pillow, book, snacks
  • Official Documents: Ticket, itinerary, passport, hotel reservation, international driver’s license (if applicable), debit and/or credit cards, cash, insurance, map, pen
  • Bananas: You can take a waist bag usually called Bananas where you can put your money in case you are carrying a lot of cash. I usually put my money and once I land, I put my passport save

Packing Methods:

  1.  Roll your clothes: rolling your cloths will use up less space and they will stay in a better condition.
  2.  Use Ziploc bags: Put your toiletries and any other liquids in Ziploc bags to prevent any unwanted spillage. I suggest putting your shoes in Ziploc bags also since they are dirty and you do not want to mix them with your clean clothes. Sometimes when I am traveling super light, I add a shirt, underwear, socks and other pieces of clothes in a ziploc and label them so I can easily pick a bag and get dressed.
  3. Packing Compartments or whatever they are called. I love using this method for it allows me to pack all my shirts, dresses and clothes in one compartment, the underwear and socks in one compartment and the toiletries in one. I love dividing clothes and organizing them and the packing compartments are my favorite, plus they help save space.
  4.  Know what you can take on the plane: Read your flight details and baggage allowance to know what you can take with you on the place and how much you can pack.
  5. Have fun!

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