How to improve your work day?

Have you ever been in a situation where you are not very satisfied with your day at work and wish you could do something to improve it?!

I know that I have been under such situations! Here are some simple steps that will help you improve your work day:

1. Start your day in a refreshing way: taking a bath in the morning will wake you up and energize you, it will also help the blood circulation and get your heart at a good pace!

2. Have a healthy breakfast: think thoroughly of your breakfast options. A lot of people might skip breakfast while it is a very vital aspect of a health food diet.

3. Keep your desk tidy: keeping a tidy desk will clear your mind and thoughts, plus it is more welcoming to you and to your colleagues.

4. Keep everything in writing: whatever you do at work, make sure that you document it. This includes all the important things as well as things that you might consider banal, meeting minutes, decisions, action taken, emails, etc.

5. Be friends with everyone: it is very important that you like the people whom you spend at least 8 hours a day with, so do an effort to like all of them. No need to be best friends…

6. Use an agenda: the most important thing is to organize your tasks , I highly recommend that you never ever work without an agenda and I suggest that you divide it into five parts as shown below, feel free to create your own categories:

  • Important and urgent tasks
  • Important but not urgent
  • Not important and not urgent
  • Calls and follow-ups
  • Meetings

Make sure to use your agenda at all times of the day!

7. Leave your desk during your lunch break: now I know that work can get so overwhelming and you might not have time to leave your desk, yet consider all the energy that you will get after having a good 30 minute break away from your work, you will be even more productive afterwards!

8. Be a catalyst to your surrounding: try to be a positive influence to the people around you. You can send regular interesting emails, some motivation tips… just don’t overdo it!

9. Listen to music: music has a soothing effect where it can transform your well-being and improve your mood. make sure to have a good set of earphones so you do not bother anyone around you.

10. Enjoy your day and remember that this is one day of your life and it needs to count!

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