How to Buy Your Christmas Gifts this Holiday Season!?

It’s that time of the year where all roads get blocked, all stores become packed with buyers and everyone is on a crazy shopping mode! Each year we all try to get a process roling and try to finish buying our gifts before the 24th of December, yet it doesn’t always work with us!

For the past 4 years, I have been using one system that proved to work, why don’t you try it and let me know if it works with you!

how to buy your christmas gifts this holiday season

Here are your 9 steps for buying your Christmas gifts this holiday season:

1. Create an Excel sheet or a list where you can log all your planning: start by having an excel or a nice paper where you will add all your details in. I usually use a free sample from MS Excel, yet feel free to create your own.

2. Decide on your gifts budget: gifts can be very expensive and you need to set a specific budget aside. Decide on that budget early on before December so you can start saving up if needed. Your budget needs to reflect your own ability to pay and it should not be a burden for you and you definitely should not become indebted due to your Christmas gifts!

3. Make a list of people you need to buy gifts for: you can start this exercise as early as beginning of November. Take it slow, write down the names of the people you would like to buy gifts for. Since you already have a specific budget that you already started saving up for, decide how much will you pay for each person’s gift. So on your list, you now have Name and Budget

4. Decide what gifts to buy for each person: depending on how close each person is and depending on your budget, decide what you would like to buy for this person. Remember that Christmas gifts are a symbol of the gifts baby Jesus received from the wise men when he was born and they are just a symbol! Now you also have Gift on your list.

Holiday gift list

5. Decide where you can buy each gift: try to group several gifts from one store, or at least one specific area or mall. Now you have location added to you list.

6. Plan your visit: if you have four or five locations to go and buy gifts from, start by scheduling these into your calendar in December. Keep in mind that you might not find what you want on a specific store and you might end up using plan B! Now you should add planned date to buy on your list.

7. Go buy your gifts: enjoy the process, enjoy the Christmas decorations and the traffic.

8. Wrap them nicely: remember that no matter what your gift is, the packaging is something special and nice! It conveys the time and effort that you put into the gift and into surprising the person you are giving it to.

9. Enjoy giving your gifts and remember baby Jesus in the process!

Merry Christmas to you and to your families!

PS: How did you buy your Christmas gifts this year? I used the whole process described above, yet I went into one store and bought all my gifts 🙂


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