Things to keep at home and use when welcoming unexpected guests

We have reached a point in 2016 where people usually call before visiting, so that’s a good thing. Yet, some surprises cannot be overcome and there are still unexpected guests who pop in or come at unexpected times. As a perfect housewife, you need to be ready for all these occasions.
The worst thing about welcoming unexpected guests is what to offer them. Here’s a list of some items that you can always keep at home and that save such sitations.

Always keep the below packed items, they do not expire quickly and you can always offer them at anytime:

· Packed Cake: get a delicious type of packed cake, when you have unexpected guests, open the pack, chop the cake, then sprinkle dark cacao or powdered sugar on it, serve it on a nice plate, then voila! It will look nice, taste good and you will pass the test.

My favorite homemade lemon cake

· Freeze Fresh Cake: the best thing about having a freezer is your ability to freeze fresh foods and still eat them fresh after a period of time. When you have time, cook an English cake, wait for it to cool down, then wrap it with a cling film and store it in the freezer. When unexpected guests arrive, just get the cake out of the freezer, chop it, put it in a nice plate, sprinkle some cacao powder or sugar (if suitable) then serve it. Feel free to heat it in the microwave, yet it will require couple of minutes to defrost.

· Packed Cookies: packed cookies in a nice plate, will make a nice impression also. Invest in some good brand and they will do the deal also.

· Juice Syrup or Powder: you always should serve drinks; juice syrups and/or power juices have a long shelf life and are always handy. Add a fresh mint, or fresh fruits with the juice to give it a nice and fresher twist.

· Coffee (and cream): even if you don’t drink coffee, that’s something that you should always, keep at home. You can offer coffee after the juice and dessert, or you can serve it instead of the juice. This depends on your guests’ preference and taste.

· Nice Napkins: you will use these when serving the dessert. Nice napkins always make an impact, so keep these in stock.

· Frozen Desserts: you can keep frozen desserts in your freezer;, these can be ice cream, cake, pudding, etc.

Frozen Fondant au Chocolate that need 30 seconds in the microwave

Be careful to always buy the best brands of the above-mentioned foods, you want to impress your guests, and not scare them away. Remember to do an inventory of foods with their expiration date and once in a while look over that pantry of yours and consume whatever items are near expiration date.

Remember, if you have a family member with a sweet tooth, some items must be stored away and out of sight.

Now enjoy your hospitability and remember, it takes a smart housewife to be perfect housewife!

Do you have any other items that you keep at home to welcome unexpected guests?!

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