Five things that my trip to Sri Lanka encouraged me to do!

A couple of weeks ago, my husband Fadi and I traveled to Sri Lanka with a group of friends. We rented a mini-van and drove around Sri Lanka for 11 full days. The trip was an amazing adventure, we were able to see Sri Lanka’s mountains, beaches, cities and almost every nice aspect of it.
Similar to all my other traveling adventures, my trip to Sri Lanka marked very important moments in my life. Such moments are usually changing points in my life that encourage me to do things differently and with conviction.

Here are five very basic things that I have been wanting to do for so long now, yet this time I am convinced why I should really do them! And I will do them!

1. I will eat mindfully: we tend to forget that our body is our temple and thus eat bad food that poison our body. Then we ask ourselves why are we getting ill or why are we catching some diseases. I tend to have a not-so-bad eating habit, yet I am not mindful of what I eat. From now on I would like to try to eat organic and move far away from processed and poisonous food.

2. I will exercise: it’s been a year now and I haven’t even taken 10 minutes to stretch myself and exercise. Exercising refreshes the body, mind and soul so I will try to adapt a simple exercise routine at least once a week.

3. I will learn to meditate: I am someone who cannot sit still for a minute and not think of a zillion things. In meditation terms they call this phenomena as having monkeys in my brain. I would like to teach these monkeys to calm down so I can meditate.

4. I will smile more: even though I consider myself a positive person who smiles a lot, traveling to Sri Lanka showed me that I am very far from smiling a good smile. I did not cross any Sri Lankan person who did not smile to me and prove to me how contagious smiles are. From now on, I would like to practice spreading this smile around me.

5. I will try to lead a minimalist life: this will be a big leap for me since I am the opposite of being a minimalist. Traveling to Sri Lanka has really convinced me that the less I own, the better I am. I started this challenge by donating one thing a day! I will keep you posted!

What are some things that you have decided to do after an amazing adventure?!

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