Pour moi tu est unique au monde…

Blog Post written on February 3, 2016 yet was not posted until today!

The book “Le petit prince” ( French word for the little prince) for St. Antoine d’exuperie is one of my favorite books, in one section of the book, the little prince falls in love with his rose and tells her “Pour moi tu est unique au monde, pour toi je suis unique au monde” (French translation to for me you are unique in the world and for you I am unique in this world).

I got a chance to experience this relationship with my unique flower this month. It all started on New Year’s Eve when my husband Fadi bought me a pink rose from an old man selling flowers under the rain.

When I took the rose, I had two options:

  1. I could either dry it (and not get to enjoy it) yet attempt to preserve it till one day I wouldn’t remember where is it from and throw it
  2. Or just water it and enjoy it no matter how long it will live!

I went with option 2 and decided to enjoy it! When we came back from our New Year’s Getaway, I put the flower in a water cup near my sink. Then, every morning during January, I used to change it’s water and just contemplate it! The flower was amazing, it had a lot of petals, each layer was healthier than the other and every time I thought that it was about to die, it would flourish even more.

I enjoyed changing its water and contemplating it so much that I agreed with Fadi that he would get me two flowers a month so I could always have a flower to take care of.

Two weeks went by, three weeks went by, and on the fourth week I was super surprised since there was still some life kicking in! So I decided not to quit on the flower and keep on watering it even if it’s petals are becoming grey.

Somehow I just wanted to see how long it will take the flower to rot and then just throw it.

To my surprise, after the month went by and the flower didn’t died, something amazing started to happen, the flower started to grow leaves!

Can you believe it! I thought that this thing was dead! Yet apparently their is still life even after we decide there isn’t anymore!

So why am I telling you this lovely story? And what have I learnt from it?

  1. Don’t give up on anyone or anything! People and any other living things will surprise you!
  2. There is hidden potential in everyone (and every living thing)
  3. Don’t frame people as old, sick, useless, etc. you never know what they are capable of until you give them a chance
  4. When you believe in someone, you give them the strength to strive and do amazing things
  5. Always test your limits, never day I cannot, just try at least

The flower ended up living for months… because I believed in it!

What do you believe in? Who do you believe in?!


Believe in yourself, 

Believe in others,

Believe in Life!






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