Do you feel like planning those supermarket visits?

Grocery shopping a.k.a. visiting the supermarket is one of my most sacred rituals, I just love going to that huge depository of useless consumer products. I must admit that  supermarkets have “useless” “consumer” “products” (UCP) for several reasons:

  1. I am trying to become a minimalist, so none of these three should be in my dictionary!
  2. A lot of the things found in a supermarket are things you can live without, yet marketing efforts make you buy them. For example: floss picks! Yes, these useless things that are somewhere between dental floss and toothpicks. Oh yes, I have a variety of those!
  3. These useless consumer products polute earth with all their garbage!
  4. My grandma and grandpa lived almost all their lives without them!

Anyway, that’s not my point! So going back to those supermarket visits. I love going to the supermarket and stacking the house with anything that I might ever use if anything happens in the world. Wait! Did I just say that out loud?! Ah, maaaan! Sorry about that! Now that I said it! Yes! You can find in my house almost everything and I take pride in that.

Now how can you plan for your supermarket visit?

  1. Keep a running list of groceries: if you do not like to keep a stock of useless consumer products (UCP); then you can keep a running list of UCP where you can write down the items that you are soon to run out of.
  2. Plan your weekly meals: when you plan your weekly meals you will be able identify the UCP needed. These items can include meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, bread, pasta etc. For some items that have a longer shelf life, you can stack these in your pantry. No need to mention the benefits of planning your meals: More diversity of foods, cheaper options, healthier options, etc.
  3. Is cleaning part of your weekly rituals? I hope the answer is yes! Then you usually should have cleaning detergents at hand, but at rare cases if you want to do a specific deep cleaning you might want to buy something extra, or going to point 1 in case something runs out.
  4. Schedule a day for your supermarket visit: This might sound weird to you, yet I suggest that you schedule your visit sometime during the month when you still have money. You might want to do one big monthly supermarket visit right after you get paid where you buy almost all your months’ needs; or you can visit the supermarket weekly. Usually bigger supermarkets are cheaper than mini-markets or at least have better bargains, make sure it’s the case in your country/neighborhood. This should also help you decrease your budget on the long run.
  5. Never visit the supermarket on an empty stomach! You do not want to end up buying almost everything edible. Trust me! I have been there and done that! Please have a bite before visiting the supermarket.
  6. Choose the best supermarket for your needs: now that you are more organized about your supermarket visits (I hope you are!), try visiting more than one supermarket (each month) and decide which has the best prices – best vegetables and fruits, best dairy and others. Depending on your needs, you might visit more than one supermarket and buy different items from each. Most people buy the UCP from one place, and their vegetables and fruits from another. The freshness of the meat offered can be another important factor to look out for.
  7. Check if there are loyalty cards available: most big supermarkets have loyalty cards where you can gather points for all your sales and receive valuable presents and offers. Pick the loyalty cards that suit you best and enjoy shopping!

Well, I hope this helps you plan your supermarket visits better!

Do you have any supermarket rituals that you would like to share with us?




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