What to pack in your beach bag this summer?

How many times have you gone to the beach and started realizing all the things that you forgot to take?

And how many times have you gone to the beach with a bag so big that didn’t fit in your car trunk (then you didn’t end up using any of the things you took!)?

Yeah, I know, I have been there and done that! Yet over the years, I somehow found a suitable list that suits me and my beach needs.

Here are some of the things that I believe need to be in your beach bag: 

  • Swimsuit: I am sorry but I have to say this in case you take my list verbatim! Yes you need a swimsuit! And if you are like me and like to tan, I recommend taking two swimsuits so they help you reduce the tan lines.
  • Towel: you need something to put on the sunbed or on the sand, you can take a towel. 
  • Sunscreen: please do not ever go to the beach without taking sunscreen and applying it to your face every two hours and your body as needed/if needed. I am aware that you are at the beach to tan, yet the face is very sensitive and you need to prevent sun burning! If you are a woman, you need to be extra careful and apply more than a man since your face is more sensitive and sunburns might increase wrinkles and dark spots and I know that you don’t want that! If you are a man, then you still need to apply sunscreen on your face, yet be careful not to burn your back so apply sunscreen at least once on your back and shoulders. If you have a tattoo, applying sunscreen on it will help prolong its color. Be sure to get a sunscreen that has at least 30 SPF.
  • Sun lotion or oil with SPF: if you want to tan, I recommend any oil or lotion than has SPF in it. 

  • Lip balm with SPF: you don’t want to burn your lips! So if you don’t want to apply sunscreen on your lips, then I recommend a lip balm with SPF.
  • Water: with all this sun, you need to stay hydrated. I personally suggest drinking 0.5L every hour. Water had many benefits and with all the sun, you need every bit of it!
  • Mineral water spray: this is optional, yet since I suggest taking care of your face as much as possible, keep spraying mineral water on your face every now and then. I recommend putting the bottle in the refrigerator and taking it cold to the beach (invest in a small bottle since you can also take it on a plane with you when you travel).
  • A good book and/or magazine: going to the beach without a book and magazine is like traveling without a passport to me! I link the beach with reading. I usually get a good book, then when I am tired of it and want to change, I would read a magazine (this also applies for my travels).
  • Music: you might go somewhere that already has music, thus you don’t need music, I usually always keep earphones in my beach bag just ok case the outside music doesn’t suit me.
  • Sunglasses: I recommend sunglasses that are polarized so you can prevent a lot of rays from reaching your eyes. You might take this lightly, yet the eyes get really affected by the sun and you want to save them as much as you save your face.
  • Hat: a lot of sun on your head can make you sick, plus your scalp might become sunburnt, so get a hat! I recommend a big hat that can cover your face this way you can apply double protection for your face.
  • Goggles: this is optional, in case you like to dive in the water, feel free to get whatever goggles suit your needs.

  • Flip floops: I still need to mention this in case you are coming to the beach wearing someone else. I recommend flip flops or some suitable sandals, it’s op to you.
  • Short and tshirt or dress: remember to get something To wear on your swimsuit as you go to eat or decide to leave the place. I usually wear these as well as the swimsuit abs flip flops on my way to the beach so I reduce the number of things that I take with me.
  • Hair products: some people like to apply some creams and oils to their hair, if you are one of them, then get these things with you.
  • Ziplock or water resistant phone cover: this is also optional, yet I recommend it if you are going somewhere sandy. If you do not have a water resistant phone cover then I recommend a ziplock bag, it will do the trick and will not cost you!

In terms of essentials, these are the ones that I recommend, I suggest considering your needs abs taking other items as needed. 

Now tell me did I miss something? What else do you take to the beach?

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