My 13-Steps Inspirational Morning Routine 

One time in management class, the professor asked us to define motivation. I wasn’t able to define motivation, yet I knew that it was that thing that wakes me up early morning and pushes me to make my day better. Years later, I still define motivation the same way.

Every morning I wake up with a hope to make this day an amazing day that is much better than the day before. That’s what motivates me to wake up early and actually do something!

I am fortunate to have flex-time at work so I can arrive anytime bwtween 8:30am and 9:00am, so this gives me some free time in the morning to do my morning routine.

My friends keep asking me about my morning routine, so here’s what I do every (weekday) morning:

1.Wake up: daaa yes I have to wake up to start my daily routine! I wake up every day at 6:30am (sometimes sooner, sometimes later, it depends). My alarm is the sound of birds singing, so I wake up on a happy note. Sometimes the birds in the tree outside my house start singing so I wake up earlier than my alarm. Usually, this would be my special day since I would have more ME time in the morning.

2.Drink a cup of water: water is always available near me, so I take a big sip of water to get me started for the day.

3.Do my bed: as some of you know, I am super organized so I definitely need to do my bed every morning before leaving the house.

4.Make a herbal tea or lemon and water: as soon as I am out of the bed, I make a herbal tea or a detoxing lemon and hot water cup that helps calm me and help me to start my day in a relaxing way.

5.Read: I like reading in the living room or on the balcony overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. As I am reading? I indulge with my hot drink. I usually read an average of 30 minutes weekdays and sometimes read more during the weekend since I have more time at hand. I used to read one book at a time, but for some reason, I have been reading more than one book lately, so when I wake up, I decide which book I want to continue reading.

6.Review my goals for the day: I always have yearly goals that are broken down to monthly goals, down to weekly goals and finally broken down to daily goals. So I review my goals, as simple or complicated they are. I create my to-so list and get mentally ready for the day ahead of me. I use an application called Asana where I track my work-load, so in the morning I can review my work-tasks from my phone. As for my personal tasks and goals, I use my phone’s reminders and calendar, yet I have tried apps like GoTasks, TaskRabit, Productivity and others.

7.Exercise: I usually exercise every morning for at least 10 minutes. I am aware that 10 minutes are very little, yet I believe that it’s the habit that I shouldn’t break and aim for more than 10 minutes whenever possible. Sometimes in the evening I will also exercise, that’s why I only need 10 minutes in the morning to get me motivated and get the blood flowing. I have an elliptical machine, a bicycle machine, a TRX, an exercise ball, a yoga mat and some weights. Each morning I exercise on a different machine or exercise following a different YouTube video. I like to vary my workout.

*Write a blog post: some days like today, I wake up super early with a blog post idea in mind, so I just switch around my schedule and write my random thoughts.

8.Take a shower: as obvious as it sounds, taking a shower in the morning ensures that I am fully awake and energized and helps refresh me. I usually take a bath in the evening and a shower in the morning. Don’t worry my showers and baths are super quick so I don’t consume a lot of water.

9.Apply cream on my face and neck: this is one of my daily morning (and evening actually) rituals that I would never miss. I use an organic homemade cream that my friend creates for me. Plus, I sometimes apply some light make-up and other times, I would just settle for mascara and lipsticks.

10.Get dressed: My clothes are usually picked the night before, so in the morning I don’t have to spend time thinking about my options. I like to dress nicely since it helps keep my spirits high and my mood positive.

11.Take my already packed food for the day: I try as much as possible to cook and eat health home-made foods. When this is the case, I prepare and pack my food the night before. I always include to my lunch a snack and a light breakfast. Unfortunately, I cannot eat early morning so I keep my breakfast till mid-morning when I am in the office. I usually eat around 10am, I eat cereals, oats, sandwiches, something that is easy to eat in the office and that doesn’t smell. My lunches are usually a salad with rice and a stew, sometimes I make a steak, or grilled chicken or even noodles. I try as much as possible to vary my food options so I can take all the vitamins and minerals from food. My snacks are fruit yogurt, some nuts, fruits, or anything else that is healthy.

12.Leave the house smiling: I am usually very energetic in the morning after all my motivating morning routine so I always leave the house smiling and looking forward to the day ahead. By the time I leave the house, its usually around 8:00am.

I know that you are wondering how I can actually do all these things in an hour and a half, well, I use an app called Morning Routine that helps me track my tasks so I am efficient. It doesn’t always work out perfect, yet it helps me keep things in order.

13.Listen to inspirational audiobooks: on my way to the office, I listen to inspirational audiobooks at least three times a week. Audiobooks help energize me and definitely teach me a lot. You know, who wants to waste time in traffic. Sometimes I just listen to music and think, but I usually don’t like wasting valuable time.

After all this inspirational morning routine, I am ready to move mountains and make the world a better place!

What is your morning routine? What do you do every morning to stay motivated and inspired?

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