12 Things I Like To Do When I am Off in Autumn 

There are two reasons why I take a day off. 1) if I was traveling 2) if I want to spend some time with myself.

Today, I am off for the second reason, I feel that I need some time to myself. Same as I miss people in my life, my husband, family and friends, I also miss myself. You know, if you think of it, we should all love ourselves and want to spend time alone.

So as I was sitting on my balcony drinking my tea and contemplating how the sun is rising and hitting the houses one by one; I decided to write this post. I figure than even if I don’t get to do what I like to do on my day off, at least, I need to know what I like to do.

So here’s what I like to do when I am off in Autumn:

1.Wake up early: yes, I took a day off and don’t want to waste it sleeping. So today, I woke up at 6:30am before my alarm. I had set my alarm to 7:30am, yet was excited to be up before that time

2.Read in bed: when I am off, I am sort of laid back, so I like to read in bed and stay curled up in my blankets. Since I am not pressed on time, I would usually read for more than 30 minutes -something that I usually do every morning. Read “My 13-Step Inspirational Morning Routine” to learn more about my usual morning routine.

3.Have my morning tea on the balcony: Our house overlooks the lovely Mediterranean Sea, so when the weather is good, at least when it’s not raining and stormy, I like to have my morning tea (or decaf coffee) on the balcony. I like to see how the sun rises and hits the houses one by one and just enjoy the moment.

4.Write a blog post: one of my favorite things in the world is writing, so when I am off, I definitely need to treat myself with that luxury. When I am off, I have more time at hand and a less dense schedule, so I like to take time to reflect and write something interesting. Today, I was inspired by my day off and thus my blog post idea came about.

5.Work-out: since I work-out every morning, my day off (when not traveling) shouldn’t be any different. Usually I work-out around 15 minutes every morning, then around 30 minutes in the evening, so when I am off, I exercise once a day for around 30 minutes or more.

6.Do a face mask: well, what’s wrong with some pampering. Since I am usually super busy every day of the week, when I am off, I have no excuse not to take care of myself. Sometimes I use a ready-made face mask and some other times I would get creative and do something fresh made from scratch. I usually get inspired from Pinterest. Don’t we all?!

7.Take a long long bath: ah yes! I don’t think that I am the only one, yet I love taking a bath (or shower as a matter of fact). I feel that it cleanses my spirit as it is cleansing my body. I usually love hot water, so a long long bath with hot water will get me back to new. When I am off I usually pamper myself with Lush Handmade products that are handmade and smell and feel super amazing.

8.Dress down: by the time I am done with everything mentioned earlier, it usually is lunch time, so I need to dress up. Well, I actually dress down since every day of the week I am dressed up for work, so on my day off, I dress down with jeans, a sneakers and a t-shirt or sweatshirt depending on the weather

9.Have lunch with a loved one: I am not always blessed to have someone I love off/available on the same day that I am off, yet when I am, I love to have a nice and long lunch with a loved one. Today, I am having lunch with my brother and his girlfriend out at the sea. This will definitely be a very long lunch.

10.Sleep in the afternoon: since I don’t get to sleep in the afternoons on a regular day, I sometimes like to treat myself and sleep in the afternoon. Today we will be at the sea in the afternoon, so sleeping in a boat will be amazingly appreciated.

11.Read some more: have I mentioned that reading is my second best thing to do (after writing)?! So yes, I like to read again in the afternoon, yet I don’t always read the same book that I was reading in the morning. Today I will be reading Lesson 1 from my Effective Personal Leadership Training that I am taking with LMI Lebanon. I am actually very excited about that training. To learn more check out LMI, check their Facebook page.

12.Spend time with my husband: in the evening, when my husband comes home, I definitely want to spend time with him and I imagine that tonight I will be the one doing all the talking (Like that’s not what I do every evening). Tonight we might do a photoshoot (feel free to follow my husband on Instagram), or we might watch a movie, or actually, we might go watch a play with some friends.

That’s it, here are the 12 things that I like to do when I am off in Autumn! Stay tuned on social media to learn more about my day off today!

What do YOU like to do on your day off?!


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