My October Challenge Aced and My November Challenge Placed!

For those of you who read “My October 2017 Challenge” know that the last month I decided to push myself and do five rather interesting things.

Here are the five challenges that I took upon myself in October 2017:

  1. I will donate at least one thing a day
  2. I will not buy anything new for myself
  3. I will read one hour a day five days a week
  4. I will exercise for a minimum of five minutes a day
  5. I will not eat any sweets

October challenge

Well, October was challenging indeed and here’s what I was able to do:

1.Sweets: I had planned not to eat sweets all month. I thought that this would be easy since I don’t like sweets, yet for some reason when you cannot have something, it becomes more and more tempting. So, no, it wasn’t easy and no I didn’t abide by this challenge fully! Sorry! I ate ice cream one time. But, to be honest, during this month I craved chocolate a lot and was very good at staying away from it, yet when I ate this ice cream, I wasn’t really craving sweets, I was just upset and felt like breaking my personal rules. Which is totally okay, no hard feelings! Next!

2.Donating: I had planned on donating one item a day (i.e. 31). Well. I did not donate 31 things, instead, I donated more than 100 pieces of clothes, accessories, bags, you name it! This means that I exceeded my goal by more than three folds.

3.No Shopping: I decided not to buy anything in October. Surprisingly, I did not buy anything new for myself all the month. Yes, nothing! To be honest, it felt weird when I would pass by a shop that has an 80% discount or a shop that had some clearances, but I was dead serious about this goal so I didn’t buy anything.

4.Reading: I had planned to read one hour a day five days a week. There were four weeks in October, so I was supposed to read 20 hours. So,  as I was calculating my hours of reading for this month, it turned out that u read a total of 20 hours and 5 minutes. I am counting here all the times that I read a book, this does not include the articles and resources that I read during the day, only the books. Well, this challenge made me realize that I set high expectations since finding one hour a day is not easy when there are other priorities. I believe that the balance would be reading for 30 minutes, seven days a week, which I believe I will do in November. More about my November challenge in a bit.

5.Exercising: I had planned to exercise for five minutes a day, seven days a week totaling 155 minutes i.e. two hours and a half per month. Well, my friends, during October, I pushed myself and exercised for 919 minutes i.e. 15 hours and 30 minutes! I believe that the difference between exceeding this challenge while getting even with the reading challenge was the expectations. Deciding to read one hour a day is not as simple as deciding to exercise 5 minutes a day. Yet, knowing me, I like to push myself, so no, I will not reduce my metrics and expectations.

So, the month has ended, we are two days into November, I am still reading every day, yet for 30 minutes and I am exercising for one hour at least 4 days a week. I am still donating one thing a day and I still did not buy anything and I actually plan on fighting consumerism!


  • October taught me that one month is a good time to form a habit
  • I will continue to read every day for 30 minutes
  • I will continue to exercise every day for at least 10 minutes (here am pushing my limit bit by bit)
  • I will try not to buy anything unless I will die if I don’t buy it
  • I will continue to donate at least one thing a day, yet I will move to my kitchen items and decoration

Okay, so these are some things that I will continue to do, but what about my November 2017 challenge?

chantal goals

As I mentioned in my blog post “12 things that I like to do when I am off in Autumn” I started a training called “Effective Personal Productivity (EPL)” with LMI Lebanon. So this training is a full-time training that requires reading the material, listening to audio, working on a plan of action and setting SMART goals. I am committed to this training fully and would like to give it my undivided attention. For that matter, in November, I have decided to focus on my EPL training, continue to read and exercise and reduce consumerism and one small goal. My one small goal will be to organize four drawers a week. It’s simple and easy and will help me write a blog post early next month about organizing drawers. How’s that for a multifaceted goal?!

Well, here you have it my two new goals for November and my five follow-on goals from October!

Stay tuned for more updated about my goals on my Instagram page!



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